Rhodia No. 16 dotPad – Handwritten Stationery Review


Here’s a quick handwritten review of one of my favorite pads, the Rhodia dotPad. It’s a nice mix of graph paper and blank paper, providing guidelines without being intrusive. Rhodia paper is known for being high quality, and most importantly, fountain pen friendly.

This is my current favorite for doodling and small sketches. Feel free to ask anything in the comments. I would be glad to post examples if anyone wants to see anything particular.

Check out the Doodles Gallery for some more pictures where I’ve used the dotPad.

41 thoughts on “Rhodia No. 16 dotPad – Handwritten Stationery Review

    1. Definitely check one out, they’re great for everything. I like that they’re very unobtrusive when writing and drawing but they still provide some guidelines.

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