Review Redux – The Sailor Imperial Black Fountain Pen


I can’t believe I bought this pen four years ago. It feels like just yesterday when I was waiting for the mail to come, rushing downstairs, and opening up the package directly from Japan. I purchased the pen in January of 2013 for around $280. This one has a fine nib, which is quite fine. It features all black everything. The pen is still in my collection, but how much does it get used, how is it holding up over the years, and would I buy it again? Read on to find out!

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Sailor Jentle Miruai (Seaweed Indigo) Fountain Pen Ink Review

Sailor Miruai Green Fountain Pen Ink Review-8

Sailor Jentle: Four Seasons Miruai (Seaweed Indigo) Fountain Pen Ink Review – Handwritten Review –   Review Paper: Kyokuto FOB COOP B5 Dot Grid Review Pen: Lamy Accent, Medium Nib Notes: Sailor recently made some changes to their ink lineup, including the addition of this one, called Miruai. The full name (get ready for it…) is […]

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2014 – The Year In Review(s)

2014 Fountain Pen Year in Review(s)-16

Top 10 Fountain Pen Reviews of 2014 I had a lot of fun doing the year-end roundup last year, so I figured I would do it again. Some pens have maintained their presence in the top 10 list and with good reason. Each of these posts got the most page views out of all of the […]

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[Guest Post] Sailor 1911 Matte Black Full Size with a Naginata Togi MF Nib

[Guest Post] The Sailor 1911 Matte Black Full Size with a Naginata Togi MF Nib Another awesome guest post by Susan Pigott! You may know her from her own blog, Scribalishess! Her photography, handwriting, and reviewing skills are top notch. If you like what you see here, make sure to go check out more on her […]

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2013 – The Year In Review(s)

Top Posts 2013 Fountain Pen Ink Reviews Lamy Sailor

Hey everyone! I wanted to do a year end wrap of of my post popular posts. Instead of just linking to them, I decided I’d have a little fun and do a quick reshoot of everyone together. The photos were taken with my Olympus PEN E-P3, M. Zuiko 17mm f1.8 lens, and processed with Aperture […]

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