Kaweco Supra Brass Fountain Pen Review

Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen Review-11

Kaweco Brass Supra Fountain Pen Review Review Paper: Clairefontaine  Specs: Description: A Liliput on steroids with a nice #6 nib and a removable section. Refills: International short cartridges / converter (only with extension piece attached) Body: Raw Brass Measurements: 5.0″ long, 6.5″ posted with extension Weight: 50g Color Options: Raw Brass Intro/About: The Supra is essentially a Liliput on steroids. It’s […]

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Namisu Nova Rollerball Kickstarter Announcement

Namisu Nova Rollerball-2

Namisu Nova Rollerball Kickstarter Announcement Simplicity, elegance and function. The first three words that come to mind when I look at the new Namisu Nova rollerball. After successfully launching a fountain pen version (over $125,000 raised!), the UK-based design firm is releasing a rollerball version of their Nova pen. Speaking from my experience with the […]

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Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Fountain Pen Review

00-Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Fountain Pen Review-Header

Lamy Safari Limited Edition Dark Lilac Fountain Pen Review What is it? The limited edition color for 2016 of the Lamy Safari. It’s a dark purple with black hardware and it’s been a long time coming. Notes: This isn’t going to be too crazy, you can read my original review of the Lamy Safari here. The Dark […]

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Schon DSGN 01S Stainless Steel Pen Review

Schon Dsgn Stainless Steel Pen Review-8

Schon DSGN 01S Stainless Steel Pocket Pen Review What is it?  A stainless steel pocket pen with a brass set screw, all made right here in the USA. Notes: It seems to be the summer of the media blitz. It’s cool to see manufacturers and makers reaching out to blogs for coverage. I personally enjoy seeing […]

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The If… Pen Kickstarter Announcement

If Pen 2

The If… Pen Kickstarter Announcement The If… Pen by Dave Colliver is unique not only in how it looks, but also how it works. The pen is machined from injection molded titanium (a first in the pen world!) with a point extension mechanism like no other. To get writing, simply squeeze the grip to expose the refill. […]

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