Hey, where’d you go?

Sure has been quiet around these parts. I just checked, and it’s been a full year since a post was made here. It’s been quiet with pretty much no explanation either, so much so that it feels awkward even typing things out on the site that I used to update multiple times a week. If you’re not following along with me on Instagram, it might seem like this site just kind of vanished off the face of the internet.

Well, the good news is that I’m still as busy as ever writing and taking photos, just not here. In case you missed it, I’ve been a Contributing Editor at Worn & Wound for a few years now, and that’s taken over much of my bandwidth for writing. You’ll also be able to catch some of my writing over at Everyday Carry again soon too. But what about pens? Well, I’ve been working with Tactile Turn, doing all of their photography, running the social media accounts, and dipping my toes into product development. You can also catch my work on the social accounts of Crown and Buckle (quality watch straps).

Turns out, it’s pretty hard to keep up with a passion project when you kind of lose that passion. Do I hate pens now? Absolutely not. It’s just a lot of work to keep a site up when there are other (paying) outlets that I can channel my creativity and interests into. Without edjelley.com, I wouldn’t have ever been able to hone my writing and photography skills to the point where they can pay the bills, and I think about that all the time. A site that I started out of boredom in college let me build my skills, meet others, and eventually turn this whole writing and photography thing into a legit job. It’s wild to think about sometimes, and I think now is one of those times — hence the fact that I’m here writing to whoever may still be subscribed/reading.

Will I post a pen review again? Maybe. I’m not sure. If the mood strikes, then absolutely. If it doesn’t, then perhaps not. It got to a point here where keeping up felt like a chore, and once that kicks in, it’s almost impossible to proceed. I’m sure you can all relate. Again, I invite you to follow along with my work over at Tactile Turn, Worn and Wound, Crown and Buckle, and Everydaycarry.com.

Take care,


2 thoughts on “Hey, where’d you go?

  1. I see your name often enough (I’d guess on W and W) that it didn’t dawn on me that there was a dearth of pen-related articles.

    Gotta pay the bills…

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