Namisu Orion Stonewashed Titanium Fountain Pen Review


Namisu Orion Stonewashed Titanium Fountain Pen – Handwritten Review – Review Ink:  Tekker Ink Edjelley Teal Specs: Description: A minimal (but not too minimal) fountain pen that’s made completely of titanium. Nib: Bock medium in titanium Filling Mechanism: International standard cartridge / converter (not included) Weight: 39g capped Measurements: 140mm Color Options: Stonewashed titanium Intro/About: Namisu is no stranger to me. I’ve reviewed […]

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Kickstarter: TiScribe Highlighter EDC Pen in Titanium


Kelvin from Urban Survival Gear is back at it again with another Kickstarter project. Instead of the standard pen, or fountain pen, he’s created a highlighter. Why? Because no one else has. This is the first machined highlighter project out there. There’s a few nice EDC-ready features, and the machining is clean and precise.

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Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Fountain Pen Review

00-Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Fountain Pen Review-Header

This isn’t going to be too crazy, you can read my original review of the Lamy Safari here. The Dark Lilac version, along with it’s own special ink were released as the 2016 limited edition. The color is nice and dark, and not too “in your face”. The Black hardware adds an overall low-profile look to the pen that I really like. Other than the color, there isn’t really anything different from the Lamy Safari that’s been around for over 30 years.

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Namisu Nova Titanium Fountain Pen Review

Namisu Nova Titanium Fountain Pen Review-1

Namisu Nova Titanium Fountain Pen – Review – Specs: Description: The titanium version of the Namisu Nova Nib: Bock medium in steel, size 250 Filling Mechanism:international standard cartridge / converter (not included) Weight: 45g capped, 32g uncapped Measurements:12mm grip diameter, 139mm capped, 128mm uncapped Color Options: Titanium or anodized Aluminum Intro/About: I received this pen about a month ago, very […]

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Lamy Studio Platinum Grey 14k Nib Fountain Pen Review

Lamy Studio Fountain Pen Review-4120

Lamy Studio Platinum Grey 14k Nib Fountain Pen Review – Handwritten Review – Review Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku Momiji Review Paper: Rhodia Graph Pad Specs: Description: A modern cousin of the Lamy 2000 featuring a Safari style 14k gold nib Nib: 14k gold, fine Filling Mechanism: Lamy Converter (proprietary) Weight: 4.6oz Measurements:5.5″ capped, 6.2″ posted, 5.1″ uncapped Color Options: Several Writing Sample: […]

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