Kickstarter: TiScribe Highlighter EDC Pen in Titanium


Kelvin from Urban Survival Gear is back at it again with another Kickstarter project. Instead of the standard pen, or fountain pen, he’s created a highlighter. Why? Because no one else has. This is the first machined highlighter project out there. There’s a few nice EDC-ready features, and the machining is clean and precise.

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Nock Co. Lanier Slim Briefcase Kickstarter Review


Nock Co. Lanier Slim Briefcase Kickstarter Review What is it? Nock Co. is the brainchild of The Pen Addict, Brad Dowdy, and master bag maker, Jeff Bruckwicki. Their previous Kickstarter to launch the brand brought about a selection of new pen cases that are intuitively designed and built to last. This time around, they’re switching […]

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[Photo Post] Nakaya Neo Standard / Site Updates!


Just an update… It’s been a little light around these parts lately, and there are plenty of good reasons why! I haven’t had as much time to get new fountain pen and ink reviews up. Lately, I’ve been more drawn to non-fountain pens. The Tactile Turn Slider and Glider are great, the Ti Arto by […]

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BigiDesign Ti Arto – The Ultimate Refill-Friendly Pen Review


BigiDesign Ti Arto The Ultimate Refill-Friendly Pen Review Specs: Description: A unique pen by the folks over at Bigidesign that takes so many refills, it’s borderline unbelievable Refills:  Pretty much all them…over 200! Weight: 32.6g w/ cap Measurements: 5.37″ posted Color Options: Titanium Intro/About: Today we’re looking at another (popular) Kickstarter pen – The Ti Arto by Bigidesign. Bigidesign is […]

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Tactile Turn Slider and Glider Bolt Action Pen


Starting this one off with a big ol’ disclaimer: I took the photos for this Kickstarter campaign, and I consider Will both a friend and client. This review wasn’t paid for, but the photos were. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into these new bolt action pens. Will of Tactile Turn is back at it again with the Slider and Glider. He’s designed a custom bolt mechanism that’s both easy to use with one hand, and really fun to play with. Since I took the photos for him, I’ve had hands-on with every model of the pen. Read on to find out how they hold up!

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