Refyne EP1 Bolt Action Pen Review

Refyne EP1 Bolt Action Pen Review


  • Description: A compact bolt action pen that’s friendly on both the pocket and wallet
  • Refill: Schmidt EasyFlow 9000
  • Measurements: 4.53″ long x 0.39″ thick
  • Color Options: Stainless steel with gun metal or black PVD coating
  • Price: $39 from Refyne


Today, we’re taking a look at the EP1 Bolt Action Pen from Refyne. Refyne is a newer brand in the EDC scene, focusing on creating minimal and modern pocket carry goods with a focus on quality. Their EP1 is a pen that fits that mantra quite well. It’s compact, simple, and features a few modern design twists on an otherwise starkly designed pen. One of the best things about the EP1 is the price tag – it’s only $39. Getting your hands on a solid bolt action pen can cost double that, or more. The EP1s that we’re looking at are the stainless steel bodies with both gun metal and black PVD coatings. Let’s dig in…

Appearance and Construction:

The 4.53″ stainless steel body is nice and compact, perfect for pocket carry. Measuring in at 0.39″ thick, the pen is slim, but not too slim. To change the refill, you simply unscrew the tip of the pen and swap it out. Refyne opted to jazz up the check-shaped bolt channel with a copper internal carrier. I dig the look, as it helps break up the surface of the pen with a pop of orangey metal. In order to write, you’ll have to extend the pen with a small bolt screw that has a #6 Torx hole at the end. At the top of the pen, you’ll notice the deep pocket carry clip rendered in matching stainless steel. The clip is firm and sturdy, confidently holding onto your pocket or notebook.

Securing the clip down is another Torx-laden bolt that has the Refyne brand name engraved into it. Running down the length of the clip, there’s a small line broken up by the Refyne “Y” logo. Overall, the pen looks and feels solid. PVD coating is always nice to see, as it makes the pen appear different while adding a protective layer to the base metal. Construction of the pen is solid, with no visible flaws and tight tolerances throughout.

Use and Feel

In hand, the Refyne EP1 is a great length for quick notes. Operating the bolt is a fast and easy way to deploy the refill. With a flick of the finger, you’re ready to write. I have yet to see a check-shaped bolt channel before, and I’m happy to report that it functions quite well. Both extending and retracting the pen is quick, easy, and smooth. In hand, the heft of the stainless steel results in a nicely balanced pen. It’s hard to take issue with anything about the pen’s construction or use. It’s nicely sized, a good weight, and operates just like it should.


If you’ve been looking to add a bolt action pen to your collection, but don’t want to take the lay out the chunk of cash that other brands will run you, then the Refyne EP1 is a compelling option. The pen is a no-compromises option that’s ideal for pocket carry. What stood out to me was the solid construction, unique bolt channel, and subtle modern design cues throughout. I hate to place so much emphasis on the value here because I don’t want you to think the EP1 is a cheap pen. At $39, it’s certainly not the cheapest out there, but I believe the cost to quality ratio favors the quality side over the cost side, making it a great value. Head over to Refyne to learn more about the EP1 and snag one for yourself.


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