Noodler’s Apache Sunset – Handwritten Ink Review

Apache Sunset Handwritten Ink Review 042 9

Noodler’s Ink – Apache Sunset

Handwritten Review

PenNoodler’s Ahab Flex, Fine Nib, Medieval Lapis
Ink: Noodler’s Apache Sunset
PaperRhodia dotPad, No. 16 – Top Spiral Bound

Notes: I’ve been wanting to try this ink for quite a while. I don’t know why I waited so long because it’s amazing. There are a few things about the ink that are less than ideal, but they are easily overshadowed by how this ink looks on the page. Orange is actually one of my least favorite colors (not just ink, but everything) but the intense shading from orange to yellow drew me in. The ink performs well, although it’s a bit slow drying. I went a little picture heavy here, because this ink deserves it. Apache Sunset can be a bit difficult to read at times because of the shading. Sometimes the yellow is a bit tough to pick out. But, this isn’t really an everyday writing ink, and it’s right at home in a flex pen. Overall, I liked the ink, and I would definitely consider picking up a bottle. Enjoy the review, the pictures speak more than my words with this one.


Apache Sunset Handwritten Ink Review 034 1
Apache Sunset Handwritten Ink Review 035 2

Apache Sunset Handwritten Ink Review 041 8
Apache Sunset Handwritten Ink Review 040 7
Apache Sunset Handwritten Ink Review 039 6
Apache Sunset Handwritten Ink Review 038 5
Apache Sunset Handwritten Ink Review 043 10

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9 thoughts on “Noodler’s Apache Sunset – Handwritten Ink Review

  1. Nice review, I appreciate it.

    I have a strange relationship with Apache Sunset. If another, more radiant orange ink (eg. Caran d’Ache Saffron) is on the page with Apache sunset, this ink appears mediocre, pale, washed out, believe it or not.

    But if you pair it up with something like Rohrer & Klinger Alt Goldgrun, it shines remarkably well in its own right.

    I guess this ink is teaching me the aesthetics of color selection. No other in has taught me that, in such a clear and distinct fashion. This ink seems to set the mood, and if the companion ink plays the right notes, they could make for an impressive and pleasing duet. But if you put something that competes with it on the same page, you quickly see the discord.

    If you have CdA Saffron (which has been discontinued, alas!!) and Alt Goldgrun, I encourage you to try them out with Apache Sunset.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll be sure to check it out.

      I’ve actually experienced something similar to what you have. When writing on ivory colored paper, the Apache Sunset looks very muted and dull. On a bright white paper, it absolutely shines.

      I think I have a sample of Alt-Goldgrun somewhere, I’ll have to check them out.


    1. I’ve only used mine in an Ahab, which could be much better.

      I’m almost out of my sample, and I can’t remember if I ordered this, or Cayenne.

      Great ink though!

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