Diamine Evergreen – Handwritten Ink Review


Pen: Lamy 2000, Medium Nib
Ink: Diamine Evergreen
Paper: Rhodia dotPad, No. 16 – Top Spiral Bound

Notes: Well, I guess I need to get myself back in the ol’ photo studio, because I only have green inks photographed and ready to go. ACTUALLY WAIT, THIS WAS TOTALLY ON PURPOSE FOR ST. PATRICK’S DAY! Look at that, a new feature is born, just like that. Anyway, Diamine Evergreen. This is one of the first inks that I had purchased when getting into the fountain pen world. I really liked the idea of having a dark green ink, that could almost pass black, but still have that hint of green in there. Depending on the flow of the pen and the nib, this ink can either look black or very, very dark green. This is an interesting ink because it seems to get greener as time goes by. I’ll write out a few pages, the ink will look black, and then when I go back a few days later, the ink has settled into the page and appears more green. The ink performs well, as do all of the Diamine inks I have tried and own.

Enjoy the review, this one’s another one of my favorites!

Diamine Evergreen Handwritten Review 1

Diamine Evergreen Handwritten Review 2

Diamine Evergreen Handwritten Review 4
Not sure if black…or just really dark green…

Diamine Evergreen Handwritten Review 3
Can’t find anything to complain about with this one, it’s definitely a great ink.

Diamine Evergreen Handwritten Review 7
In the lighter areas, the real color of Evergreen stands out nicely. I think this one can get away with office use without looking like a crazy person. The comparison inks also bring more of the green out.

Diamine Evergreen Handwritten Review 6
Evergreen does shade, but it’s very faint. Once the ink is thoroughly settled into the page, the shading becomes slightly more apparent.

Diamine Evergreen Handwritten Review 5
The dark green color of Evergreen nicely compliments Diamine’s Oxblood. They’re in the same family of muted, darker colors, and you can definitely write one depressing Christmas card with the both of them.

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