Submit Your Weekly Pen, Ink, and Paper Loadout!

Weekly Loadout - 12/16/12 - Left to Right Head On

I will now be taking submissions for the Weekly Loadout feature. I think that it will give you guys the chance to get more involved with the website by providing an interactive feature. For now, I can only accept submissions where the photos are hosted elsewhere, as I do not yet have the capabilities to accept submission forms where the picture uploads directly to me. As an alternative, you can email them directly to me attached to an email, the link is below.

I would love feedback on this feature, I think it will be fun and interesting to see what pens and ink people use on a regular basis. The first person to be featured will be Dan Smith of

I look forward to seeing what pens and ink you all carry around!

Thank you,

Ed Jelley

How to Submit:

Either fill out the form below,  or feel free to email them to me directly using this link:

Submit your Weekly Loadout via Email!

– OR –

Fill out the form below!

8 thoughts on “Submit Your Weekly Pen, Ink, and Paper Loadout!

  1. This is a neat idea. I can’t wait to see what Dan and everyone else has going on pen and ink wise.

    Speaking of pens, what are the first and third pens (only ones I can’t identify) shown in the above photo? Thanks

    1. Feel free to submit one yourself!

      The first pen is a Pilot Vanishing Point in matte black and the third pen is a Pelikan Souveran M605. I did a review on the Vanishing Point and a quick first impression on the M605. Both can be seen in the fountain pen reviews section!

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