Dudek Modern Goods “Divide” Review

Dudek Modern Goods
“Divide” Pen Holder
Made in the USADudek Cube GAW-3

Dudek Modern Goods on Instagram
Dudek Modern Goods 


  • Solid block of walnut with a satin poly finish
  • Approx. Dimensions: H 2.5″ – W 5.25″ – D 3″
  • 12  holes for your favorite pens and pencils (6 pen, 6 pencils)
  • Available in rich Walnut wood, made by hand


There’s been a block of wood made by Mike Dudek on my desk for just about as long as I’ve been reviewing pens. Ever since I ran across his page on Instagram (oh man, several years ago at this point!) I knew there was something special about the wooden pen holders he has made. They’ve evolved over the years, sporting better construction, improved finishing, some great looking branding, and even little felt feet to keep your desk scratch free. The piece we will be talking about (and giving away!!!) is called the Divide. It’s a solid piece of walnut with 12 spots for your favorite pens and pencils, split down the middle by a groove for your favorite pocket notebooks or index cards. It’s a great design and very nicely compliments any desk, modern or vintage.

Dudek Cube GAW-9

Maybe I goofed by not bring pens outside to show them off. See those three Field Notes? Well…imagine that there are 6 pens or pencils on either side. Just kidding, I added some photos to the gallery! The Divide is so simple, yet every time I use it I’m surprised at how functional it is. While some people may be thinking “Ed, you’re crazy, it’s a block of wood. I can make that in my garage…” and you may be right to a point.


However, Mike really cares about each and every piece that he makes (in his garage, mind you). You can tell by the gently sanded edges, the perfectly squared off block, the impeccable hole spacing, and the burnt in branding on the bottom. This is what sets his pieces apart from the rest, the attention to detail.

Dudek Cube GAW-6Mike sent me a version that is more pen-friendly than what he typically makes. I asked him a while back to make me a Cube with some larger holes in the middle to accommodate larger diameter pens. When this one showed up at my door the same way, I was excited. The smaller holes comfortably fit a Lamy Safari, while the larger ones have no issues holding my Nakaya or Montblanc.


Since it’s made of wood, the Divide doesn’t scratch up even the rather delicate pens, I’ve never had an issue here. It’s also worth noting that since this is made from wood, they do vary in color a bit. This particular example is on the lighter end of the spectrum. They range from a brownish tan to a deep chocolate brown.

You ever get dirty looks from your dog for photographing stuff on the ground outside? I sure do.
You ever get dirty looks from your dog for photographing stuff on the ground outside? I sure do.

The Divide by Dudek Modern Goods makes a great addition to any desk. It gives you a place to store your most-used pens and pocket notebooks, while looking awesome while doing so. It’s simple, yes, but the attention to detail and construction are both top-notch. What’s the best part about this review? Well, it’s not just a review, it’s also a GIVEAWAY.

Dudek Cube GAW-7

Giveaway Details:


Okay, so to win your own Divide by Dudek Modern Goods, all you have to do is leave ONE comment on this post.**pen collection not included. Make sure you leave a valid email address when leaving a comment, as that is how I will contact you. We will let this run until Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 at 11:59pm. Thank you for entering and good luck! This giveaway is open worldwide, so all may enter!

(giveaway has ended)

Disclaimer: Mike and I are friends. Yes. Get over it. Am I profiting from this? No. Do I think he’s a good guy who is generous with giving stuff away to my readers? Yes, absolutely. This was provided free of charge blah blah blah blah ok.

288 thoughts on “Dudek Modern Goods “Divide” Review

  1. lovely one ed. so good to see images of going retro. pens, pencil paper ink and so forth. not ipads, not iphones not laptops. so much is still possible going back to basics. can i send some of my own pics.

  2. Could never figure out a good way of organizing/displaying my pens that are in use on my desk. This seems like a great idea!

  3. Been admiring these products from afar as I didn’t have space to place them… now I do as I’ve cleaned it all up.. gets messy still but at least my pens and notebooks will be safe and in reach.. love the simple lines and form factor…

  4. would love to have one of these for my new gists comming soon. Also i have know Will a good long time and need a stand deserving of his pens.

  5. Your photos and posts and Dudek’s products go perfectly together. Both illustrate vividly that there is an incredibly rich amount of art to be found in the everyday and practical. It would be an honor to receive a piece of this art.

  6. I love the modern styling of this piece. It would look fabulous on my desk! (The puppy is adorable, too!)

  7. lol. i like your dog’s dirty looks. to me, his facial expression is more of ‘when is he gonna be done? he’s so damn close to where i buried my treasured bone’

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