GIVEAWAY – Dudek Modern Goods “The Sprout” Pen Stand

The Sprout is not only a pen stand, but also an excellent way to bring some often-needed greenery to your desk setup. Instead of being packed with holes for a million pens, this solid walnut block has room for three of your favorite writing instruments and a small pot for planting a succulent (or other tiny plant). Read on for more details about this piece, as well as a giveaway!

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GIVEAWAY – Dudek Modern Goods “The Stationer” Pen Stand

Dudek Modern Goods “The Stationer” Pen Stand What is it: A pen stand, handmade by a friendly guy named Mike Dudek. This particular flavor holds a notebook and 7 pens. It’s been living on my desk at work, and it’s really happy at its new home. Together with Dudek Modern Goods, we are giving away a […]

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Dudek Modern Goods “Divide” Review

Dudek Modern Goods “Divide” Pen Holder Made in the USA Dudek Modern Goods on Instagram Dudek Modern Goods  Specs: Solid block of walnut with a satin poly finish Approx. Dimensions: H 2.5″ – W 5.25″ – D 3″ 12  holes for your favorite pens and pencils (6 pen, 6 pencils) Available in rich Walnut wood, made by hand Notes: […]

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