GIVEAWAY – Dudek Modern Goods “The Stationer” Pen Stand

Dudek Modern Goods “The Stationer” Pen Stand


What is it: A pen stand, handmade by a friendly guy named Mike Dudek. This particular flavor holds a notebook and 7 pens. It’s been living on my desk at work, and it’s really happy at its new home. Together with Dudek Modern Goods, we are giving away a brand new stand. Read the review and check out how to enter at the bottom of this post!

Where you can get it: Want to guarantee holiday delivery? You can snag one of these stands right now over at Dudek Modern Goods for $69. Save an additional 10% on your order using the code “EDSENTME”.

dudek-modern-goods-the-stationer-review-gaw-4Notes: I’m always impressed by Mike’s work. The finishing is great, the holes are precisely drilled, and the designs just plain work. The Stationer is no exception. It holds 7 pens or pencils and a notebook. It’s ideal for a desk, as it keeps pens neatly organized and a notebook out of the way until it’s needed. The notebook makes a great backdrop for the pens being displayed too. Each block is crafted from walnut wood and lightly finished. This keeps the woodgrain and natural beauty front and center. dudek-modern-goods-the-stationer-review-gaw-5The bottom of the block has felt feet and the DMG logo burned into the bottom. The piece really adds some class to a desk and fits in well with both modern and traditional decor. I’m happy to have one on my desk, and you will be too!

dudek-modern-goods-the-stationer-review-gaw-3The Giveaway

The giveaway is for one Stationer model from Dudek Modern Goods. To enter, please leave a comment on this post saying what your favorite piece from Dudek Modern Goods is. I’ll let the giveaway run from the time of publishing until Friday, November 25th at 12:00pm EST. The giveaway is open to all readers worldwide. Please make sure to leave a valid email address when commenting, this is how I will contact the winner. Winner will be picked via a random number generator. Good luck!

Congratulations to “lokisun”, you’ve won! I sent you an email to claim your prize. 

Edit: Please comment once and once only! If your comment doesn’t show up immediately, it may be awaiting approval so hang tight!

Disclaimer: Oh my goodness, how did I forget a disclaimer!? I’m not making money off this, and Mike at DMG is giving this away for free. He’s a good dude. His last name is Dudek. Coincidence? I think not. Yes, I got to keep one for my desk, and to take photos of but let’s be real, this is more of a giveaway than a review.  

205 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY – Dudek Modern Goods “The Stationer” Pen Stand

  1. I’m not sure I have a favorite, because they ate all great! I have been dropping hints about to succulent series to my wife for Christmas gifts though.

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