November 2013 Fountain Pen/Ink Loadout

November 2013 Fountain Pen LoadoutLeft to Right:

  • Lamy 2000 – Binderized Medium Nib – Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa
  • Lamy Al-Star in Matte Black – Medium Nib – Diamine Salamander
  • Pilot Metropolitan in Black//Dots – Medium Nib – Noodler’s Navy
  • Lamy Accent in Black//Palladium – 1.1mm Stub – Diamine Registrar’s
  • Kaweco ART Sport in Amber – Double Broad Nib – Kaweco Sepia Brown
  • Pilot Vanishing Point in Gun Metal//Matte Black – Medium Nib – Iroshizuku Ina-Ho
  • Lamy Safari in Charcoal – Fine Nib – Akkerman Shocking Blue
  • Rotring 600 Lava – Medium Nib – Iroshizuku Fuyu-Gaki
  • Kaweco Dia2 in Black – Fine Nib – Diamine Midnight
  • Parker 1940s Vacumatic in Grey – Extra Fine Semi-Flex – Sailor Kiwa Guro Black
  • Kaweco AL-Sport in Graphite – Extra Fine Nib – Kaweco Red

November 2013 Fountain Pen LoadoutNotes: I was right last time when I said this is going to be more of a monthly thing. The loadout you see here is actually kind of weird for me. There are a lot of pens set up specifically for ink reviews, and not with inks I’d usually use. Admittedly, there are a lot more pens inked up than I would like to have. Since finishing up school, I haven’t been writing(doodling) nearly as much, so the pens I carry tend to hold onto their ink for a bit longer than I’m used to. Out of the bunch, I think my favorite is the Lamy 2000 loaded with Rohrer and Klingner’s Scabiosa. I think that I’m in a dusty purple phase, because I’m really loving this ink. The 2000’s wet medium makes up for the dryness of the iron gall ink. I’ve also added a pocket clip to my Kaweco AL-Sport, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I’m worried about constant slipping of the cap scratching up the body. Other than that, the rest of the pens are loaded up with inks to review, or inks that I’ve recently reviewed. Check back soon for some new ink reviews, and a few more pen reviews in the near future. Thanks for reading!

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Enjoy the pictures, and don’t forget that you can submit your own loadout of pens and inks to be featured on the site: Click here if you would like to share what you carry!

November 2013 Loadout Text

November 2013 Fountain Pen Loadout

November 2013 Loadout Text

November 2013 Fountain Pen Loadout

November 2013 Fountain Pen Loadout

November 2013 Fountain Pen Loadout

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