The Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen in Matte Black – Handwritten Review

Well, here’s another handwritten review, this time on a Maruman Mnemosyne B6 notebook. This time it’s for one of my favorite pens, and my smoothest writer, the Pilot Vanishing Point in Matte Black. I was immediately drawn to this pen because of it’s stealth finish. As time goes on, you’re probably going to notice I have an affinity towards all black everything. I’ve had this pen for about six months, and I plan on adding more to my collection (the gunmetal grey with matte black trim).

If you would like to support, you can do so by purchasing the Vanishing Point through this Amazon Affiliate Link.

Anyway, this pen is a step above the rest. I purchased the medium nib unit from (no affiliation, he just does great work), where he smooths and adjusts every nib prior to sending it out. This thing is really like butter. Or a hot knife through butter. Or ice. Or something else that’s really really smooth. The clicking mechanism is totally solid, and provides a satifying “CLICK” when extended or closed. The convenience factor of a fountain pen with a retractable nib is way up there. I find myself using this for both quick notes because of it’s convenience, and longer writing sessions because of it’s smoothness, weight and balance.

Enjoy the review!

Pilot Vanishing Point - Page 1

Pilot Vanishing Point - Page 2

Pilot Vanishing Point - Page 3

Pilot Vanishing Point - Page 4

Pilot Vanishing Point - Long Shot
The Matte Black Pilot Vanishing Point and the Maruman Mnemosyne Notebook. They make a great combo.
Pilot Vanishing Point - Angle
There have been complaints about the durability of the finish of this VP model. You can see the brass underneath starting to show through. Personally, I don’t mind it, but it may bother others.
Pilot Vanishing Point - angle no book
Here, you can see the finish has gotten a bit shiny. This is more than likely due to carrying it around in my pocket. If you’re more careful than I am with it, I’m sure this can be avoided. Once again, I kind of like that the pen shows wear with use.
Pilot Vanishing Point - head on nib
A head-on shot of the VP’s tiny nib. It took some getting used to at first, but it makes this pen a stand out piece in my collection. The ink seen here is Noodler’s Bad Blue Heron.
Pilot Vanishing Point - exploded
Exploded view of the VP. The nib unit can be swapped easily. This must also be done in order to fill the pen. It’s nice that it’s able to be filled without getting ink all over the place too.
Pilot Vanishing Point - logo closeup
Very subtle branding, just a small logo below where the pen comes apart.
Pilot Vanishing Point - clip / grip shape
The VP’s clip placement has a love/hate relationship through the fountain pen community. Some like the placement because it gives your index finger and thumb somewhere to rest. Others with less traditional grips find it to get in the way. If you’re one of the latter, the older version of the VP has a clip thats tapered into the pen, and tends to be less obtrusive.

31 thoughts on “The Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen in Matte Black – Handwritten Review

  1. Nice review! Love the pics too. I was curious about the finish myself… I saw a thread on FPN about chipping and the brass underneath showing… apparently Pilot will repair it? Either way, yours looks in good shape! Pretty pen, that’s for sure.

    1. Yeah, Pilot will fix it, you have to send it back to them or something. I kind of like the idea that it shows wear with use. Mines not in bad shape, but there are a few spots with brass showing through. I’m just going to hold onto it and see what happens.

  2. Ah, looks like I missed this review. Have two VP’s myself, the Matte Black and a ‘standard’ silver one. Far prefer the matte finish to hold and write with. It’s my daily work pen and as such pretty much lives in my messenger bag or resting on a clipboard onsite. I baby it as much as possible and it’s only acquired a few surface marks where the matte finish appears to have been shined to a gloss – no scratches through to the brass yet though.

    1. Mine gets the “throw in pocket” treatment. It’s just so handy having a retractable pen right there when I need it. I kind of like the patina too. The Gun Metal / Matte one I picked up is holding up much better.

  3. I also noticed when I first got the pen that it was extremely rough and dry. I found online that if you draw big circles on a slightly rough surface, like the back of a Five star notebook, it gets much better. After I did that it worked flawlessly and it has become my favorite pen!

  4. hey ed. Just wondering how your matte VP is holding up through the years.. mainly concerned about the wear on the finish. mind showing a picture?

    1. It’s holding up just fine, I’m not too hard on it, but I don’t baby it. There are some scratches and scuffs on it, but barely any exposed brass. It’s a great workhorse pen.

      1. sounds great. have a friend sending me a picture of his with many scuffs and marks – really well-used… in his words “like a well-loved Leica”

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