Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper Pad – Handwritten Stationery Review

Seven Seas
Tomoe River Paper Pad

-Handwritten Review-

Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper Pad 2Specs: 

  • 6.5″ x 9.8″ (B5)
  • Blank Ruling
  • 52gsm, ultra light, cream colored paper
  • 100 sheets
  • Red, heavy cardstock cover, bound with glue.
  • Easily removable pages
  • $12.99 USD from Nanami Paper (no affiliation, but fast shipping and nicely packaged!)

Review Supplies: 

Notes: Well…this paper is really, really great. Like, may be my new favorite paper great. This review is going to be more focused on the paper inside rather than how it’s put together. The pad is simply 100 sheets of this great paper, glued to some cardboard with some unmarked red cardstock protecting it. Ultimately, it gets the job done and protects the delicate paper inside. I hope you enjoy the review as much as I’m enjoying this paper, it’s just that great. It’s been a while since I’ve tried any new paper that was this good, and now I need more. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper Pad 10
I placed a heavy sheet of white paper behind these, so the review could be read more easily. If you look in the pictures below, you’ll see the page behind it showing through.

Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper Pad 11Appearance and Construction:
Like I mentioned above, this review is not really about the appearance and construction, because they could both use some work. It’s a notepad in it’s most basic form, and I have absolutely no problem with that because of what’s inside. I’m fairly confident that the binding will hold up for the life of the paper, but it’s a bit fragile and I would be careful about willy-nilly throwing it into a bag. I like the blank red cover, and it has a nice texture to it too. Other than what I’ve mentioned, it’s a simple looking pad that’s very unassuming until you try out what’s inside.

Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper Pad 1
Pretty basic in terms of appearance, but I like the lightly textured red cover.
Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper Pad 3
The cardstock ends, and the cardboard begins. Basic construction here; this pad may not be the best for traveling.
Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper Pad 4
Oh, the paper.

Performance and Feel:
Here is what sets this pad apart…the paper. The Seven Seas notepad is filled with Tomoe River paper that is absolutely great. Tomoe River nailed it in terms of smoothness and fountain pen friendliness. This 52gsm (very light, Rhodia is 80gsm, Clairefontaine, 90gsm) paper is really a fountain pen’s best friend. The paper is so thin and light, yet nothing feathers or bleeds through. Yes, there is quite a bit of show through, but it doesn’t even matter to me. The smoothness of the paper is remarkable too. It has the perfect amount of texture that allows you to feel the nuances of the nib when you are writing. This paper is a MUST try. It reminds me of a lighter weight cross between Leuchtturm, Maruman, and Rhodia. The only thing about using the paper that is worth mentioning is that it is fragile. I would recommend placing a thicker sheet of paper under the one you’re writing on, as to not damage the paper underneath. For this review, I cut a piece of Rhodia graph paper to fit the notepad, and used the lines as a writing guide.

Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper Pad 5
You can see the page behind this one, which I happen to like. After spending more time with the Leuchtturm Jottbook (that kind of has the same see through effect) I like it.
Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper Pad 6
Some basic dry times. Sailor may be a bit long due to the fact that it doesn’t absorb into the page. Good dry times on the Iroshizuku and Noodler’s (considering the Noodler’s is in a super wet, Binderized medium).

Color & Ruling:

The Tomoe River paper is a nice light cream color with no ruling. The color of the paper nicely compliments all of the inks I’ve tried, but it may not be the case for others. Since the paper is so thin, it’s very transparent. This makes it very easy to print out a guide sheet, use some graph paper, or even regular lined paper. Since the transparency of the paper allows for the use of guidelines, you can print one out that’s custom to your liking. Boom. Instant customizable ruling. This paper keeps getting better. It’s not common that you come by a paper that has transparent qualities that plays nice with a fountain pen.

Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper Pad 8
A sheet of Rhodia 5mm graph paper underneath the sheet that’s to be written on.
Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper Pad 13
Back of the page. No bleed through in sight, even with a 3.8mm Pilot Parallel. I’m thoroughly impressed.

Overall Thoughts and Recommendation:
I really appreciate that you’ve made it to the end of the review without leaving to go buy some of this paper. It’s really that good, and I can’t stress that enough. It’s an absolute joy to write on. This is a paper that I’m going to always have to have on hand, and it will have a permanent spot on my desk. Since this paper isn’t just tied down to one brand, I hope it makes its way out there into other formats and notebooks. I can’t wait to see what notebook companies do with it and I’m excited to hopefully see different rulings, other formats, and notebooks this great paper shows up in.

Thanks for reading!

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19 thoughts on “Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper Pad – Handwritten Stationery Review

  1. Oh man. I’m so glad you tried and liked this stuff!! I almost had a hard time describing it properly. I mean, it’s just something people have to experience, isn’t it? But not too much because I want it all… lovely review though. *sighs* I wish it was morning so I could pull out my pile and write letters on it all day. That’s the effect it has on me! What a wonderful feeling!

    Thank you for the mention, by the way 🙂 (I’m also a cat herder. A terrible one though, because cats just do not… herd.)

    1. It’s definitely different. But different in a good way, not the “oh, well…it’s difffffferent” kind of way.

      I’ll keep the cat herder title in mind for the next mention!

  2. Thank you so much for your review of this paper. I had heard others’ opinions of it and it sounded so egalitarian, and fragile, and specialized that an average guy like me couldn’t really use it, so I was afraid to try it. After reading and seeing your review, i ordered a pad, and quite simply, It is glorious! I will never be without it again!

    1. Not a problem, really glad someone else was able to appreciate it! I’m in the same boat, I think I’m always going to have to keep some of this one on hand.

  3. Now that looks like something I should try…but I’ll wait until I’m back in the UK, got enough paper to finish over here atm 🙂

  4. I am a recent subscriber to your blog posts, and I greatly appreciate your careful, thorough reviews. I came across this review via your year in review email/post.

    I was wondering, since the time of this original review, if you were aware of any notebooks or journals produced that use this paper. I would like to try this product, but would prefer to do so in a journal format.

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