Write Notepads & Co. Large Notebook – Review

Write Notepads & Co.
Large Notebook

-Handwritten Review-


  • 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • Lined Ruling
  • 120 Pages
  • Rugged Board Covers with Letterpressed Logo
  • Available in Large, Small, and Left Handed versions
  • $16.00 from Write Notepads

Review Supplies: 

    • Montblanc 149 – Medium Nib
    • Pilot Iroshizuku Kon Peki Ink
    • Various other ink / nib tests

Write Notepads & Co Large Notebook ReviewNotes: Chris over at Write Notepads & Co. was kind enough to reach out and send me some product to check out. Write Notepads & Co. are a relatively new company with a family history of book binding. The company has a program in which they donate a notepad to a local school for every notepad that is purchased.

Write Notepads & Co Large Notebook ReviewMy initial concern is that $16 is a lot for a notebook, but you’re essentially buying two- one to keep, one to donate. It’s awesome of them to run this program, you can read more about it on their site and see exactly which school your book went to. Another cool thing about the pads is that they are made and sourced entirely in the USA.

Write Notepads & Co Large Notebook ReviewAppearance and Construction:
120 pages of ruled paper, sandwiched between two heavy chipboard covers. The branding is letter-pressed on the front, inside cover, and back.

Write Notepads & Co Large Notebook ReviewThe pages are held together with brass spiral binding – which look great with the rustic motif of the notebook. To keep the pad closed, they’ve included a “durable closure band” which is essentially a huge rubber band.

Write Notepads & Co Large Notebook ReviewIt’s got their logo on it and looks pretty awesome. The construction is solid and the notebook looks great.

Write Notepads & Co Large Notebook ReviewPerformance and Feel:
Unfortunately this is where the Write pad falls short for me. Their product page on the site says that the paper is fountain pen friendly, but I do not fully agree. It’s smooth, and ink doesn’t feather, but there is some significant show through and bleeding.

Write Notepads & Co Large Notebook Review Some inks work great (Noodler’s Black – even in a 1.1mm stub) and some go right through the page. Usually with paper that has bleed problems, there is a significant amount of feathering.

Write Notepads & Co Large Notebook ReviewThis is not the case with the Write pad. Ink dries on the page quickly and doesn’t feather, smoothness of the paper is on point, but I wish I could use both sides of the paper without worrying about bleed through and ghosting. The looks and quality of the notebook are top notch, and I will be using this pad with other pens that run on the drier side.

Color & Ruling:
The paper is bright white with a nice greyish ruling. Bright inks pop on the page really well. See my handwritten review pictures and put on some sunglasses.

Write Notepads & Co Large Notebook ReviewThe ruling on this particular notebook has some inconsistencies in the printing. My small notebook does not suffer from the same problem. There’s a few lines in the middle of the page that aren’t totally solid. There are a some breaks in the line that are a bit distracting. The line spacing is .25″, which compliments both my handwriting and the overall size of the notebook well.

Write Notepads & Co Large Notebook ReviewOverall Thoughts and Recommendation:
The Write Notepads & Co. notebook looks great, came in an expertly packed box, and is solidly constructed. The fact that they donate a notebook to schools in need for every book purchased is awesome. The paper falls a bit short with inconsistencies in the print of the ruling and the bleed through, but it varies greatly with nib and ink choices. The notebook is a bit expensive at $16, but you’re supporting a fully US made product that gives back to their community.

Write Notepads & Co Large Notebook ReviewThanks again to Chris over at Write Notepads & Co. for sending them over!

Also, be sure to check out Inkdependence’s Giveaway – they’re offering up two sets of two notebooks for their readers!



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4 thoughts on “Write Notepads & Co. Large Notebook – Review

  1. What is the point of donating a notebook to a school if the uber-government and union controlled public education system with their Common Core collectivist initiative is trying to kill off cursive writing – and perhaps all hand writing soon?

    1. The teaching of cursive may be dwindling, but students will always have a need to write things down. Maybe through the donation of these notebooks, some students will come to appreciate the beauty of written word… or at least have something to take notes on. Isn’t that the point?

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