Tactile Turn (EiMIM) “Z” Pen – Review

Tactile Turn “Z”
(Formerly EiMIM)
– Handwritten Review –

Tactile Turn EiMIM Z Machined Pen Review


  • Description: A precision machined pen with a unique lay pattern running the length of the pen, with an awesome minimalistic design and magnetic base.
  • Point: Variable – The review was done with a Zebra 0.7mm JF Gel Refill, but the Z takes G2 style refills (full list here)
  • Material: 7075 Aluminum, hard anodized in black with a TiAlN clip
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Measurements: 5.6″L x 0.436″D
  • Weight: 32g
  • Price: $75.00



Handwritten Review Scans:


Tactile Turn EiMIM Z Machined Pen Review
Along with the Tactile Turn Mover and Shaker, Will sent over an EiMIM Z and magnetic base over to review as well. So thank you Will, the pen now proudly sits in its stand on my desk at work. I had remembered seeing the project while it was still being funded on Kickstarter, but I didn’t back it. I should have. EiMIM has changed their branding, and are now known as Tactile Turn. The Z is now ready for order and shipping up on their website. I’m a little upset I didn’t back the project and add this to my collection sooner.

Appearance & Construction:

Tactile Turn EiMIM Z Machined Pen Review

The Z is an awesome looking pen. I have the black anodized version with the coated clip (the coating makes it darker) and the brushed steel magnetic base. The Z is beautifully machined and everything fits together perfectly. It’s hard to pick out the seam between the cap and body without looking really closely. Not only does everything fit together well, it looks great while doing so. The conical tip stays out of the way of the pen refill’s tip allowing for you to easily see what and where you’re writing.

Tactile Turn EiMIM Z Machined Pen Review

The cap is loaded with a magnet that allows the conical cap to “post” into the divot on the back of the pen. It’s not only functional and convenient, but I’ve found it a lot of fun to play with. Who doesn’t love a good magnet? The cap magnet also keeps the pen safely standing in it’s base. The custom lay pattern covers the whole pen (as opposed to just the grip section of the Mover/Shaker) and both looks and feels great.


Tactile Turn EiMIM Z Machined Pen Review

The Tactile Turn Z is a great looking and feeling pen. The lay pattern provides added grip and a unique feel. The pen’s weight (32 grams) is nicely balanced and not too heavy. In fact, it feels much lighter than it actually is. At just under 6″ when posted, it’s not too long, and definitely not too short.

The anodizing is smooth and evenly applied and I have no complaints about it. The 0.436″ diameter is a great middle ground – not too thick and not too thin. The Z is the longest of the three offerings (X, Y, and Z) and I’m glad Will sent this one, because I think it’s the one I’d be happiest with had I chosen one. It’s very obvious that weight, dimensions, and balance were strongly taken into consideration when designing the Z.

Writing Performance: 

Tactile Turn EiMIM Z Machined Pen Review

Like most machined pens, the Z is made to take a TON of different refills. Each of these refills are going to provide a different writing experience. When I’m not using a fountain pen, there’s a good chance I’m using a gel ink pen. The Z comes with a 0.38mm Pilot G2 refill that I like quite a bit, but I opted to throw in a Zebra JF refill I had laying around. I really like the Zebra refills, they’re super smooth and vibrant. 0.7mm is on the upper end of my preference for width, but it works here. Check out the link at the top of the review to see all the refills that the Z is compatible with, I’m sure there will be at least one you like.

Tactile Turn EiMIM Z Machined Pen Review


  • Awesome fit/finish
  • Great quality materials
  • Grip pattern looks and feels great


  • Price is a factor to be considered


Tactile Turn EiMIM Z Machined Pen Review

Great looks, high quality materials, and awesome fit and finish – what more could I ask for? The Z takes a ton of different refills, and is available in shorter models that take even more different refills. Paired with the magnetic base, the total price is $85. It is a lot for a pen, but the quality is there. It’s definitely well outside the “impulse buy” price range, but it won’t disappoint. The Z and it’s base have a permanent spot on my desk at work and I continue to enjoy not only writing with it, but staring at it all day. Thanks again to Will over at Tactile Turn for sending over the pen!


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