Maruman Mnemosyne Notebook – B5 size – Handwritten Review

Here’s a handwritten review of the Maruman Mnemosyne in B5 (6.9″ x 9.8″). These are my go-to notebook for class. They’re the perfect size for those small desks that I hate oh so much. The off-white paper makes re-reading notes a pleasure, as it’s much easier on the eyes than Rhodia paper. The ruling is sepia toned, blending in with the paper a bit, but you can still tell it’s there.


* Correction: In my handwritten review, I have this notebook listed as B6 size. It’s actually B5. What in the world was I thinking!?

Outside Shot:
This notebook has durable, water-resistant plastic covers. The wire spiral binding is nice and sturdy too.

Inside Shot:

18 thoughts on “Maruman Mnemosyne Notebook – B5 size – Handwritten Review

  1. Hi, Ed! I think this notebook is actually the B5 size, at least according to JetPens. Regardless, love the reviews. I just wish there was something new to read everyday!

    1. How embarassing! Definitely is the B5 size, thanks for the heads up. I knew it was something weird (as in non “Ax” sizes).

      I wish I had the time to post a review every day. I do my best to get three posts up a week. It’s tricky balancing everything out so I don’t run through all of my fountain pen stuff too fast, then be “forced” ::wink wink:: to buy more.

      Thanks for reading, and thanks for the correction!

  2. If you like this one you should check out the Apica sw40 wire bound B5 notebook as well (I got mine at goulet pen co). Fewer pages (which I like), not as cool features on the page, but a bit cheaper for similar paper performance. This paper size is also my favorite for the reasons you mention. Here’s a little review I did of a couple of these wire bounds:

    1. Nice! I’ll definitely have to check those out, I really love the paper, and wirebound is my favorite binding.

      I’ve recently been flying through the pages of my Doane Flap Jotter, I think the fact that it’s wirebound really helps too.

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