Maruman Mnemosyne Word Cards – Review

Maruman Mnemosyne Word Cards

-Handwritten Review-


  • 4.1″ x 2.1″
  • 100 Sheets
  • Off-white paper
  • Sturdy metal ring keeps pages together
  • Heavy plastic covers
  • $4.95 from JetPens

Maruman Mnemosyne Word Cards Review


Maruman makes my favorite notebook of all time, and I am always up for checking out other products they make. The Word Cards are a stack of small, heavy-stock paper cards with a single hole in them. Their purpose is for students to use to memorize words (hence the name), but they are the perfect tool to index fountain pen inks. I plan on doing this in the future, but for now, you can check out what Brad over at The Pen Addict did – it’s awesome. I’ve been keeping the stack of cards on my desk, and using them as sort of a more permanent Post-It note.

Maruman Mnemosyne Word Cards Review

They’re great for jotting down passwords, or any other notes that you need at a glance. They’re a handy size, the paper is nice, there’s no feathering or bleeding to be seen, and they look great too. I wish that the paper didn’t have quite as much texture to it, as it’s not the friendliest to finer fountain pen nibs. The paper is off-white, and it would be absolutely perfect for ink cataloging if it were a true white. Overall, for $4.95, the Word Cards are a great deal. Thanks to my friends over at JetPens for sending them over for review! Keep an eye out in the future for a massive ink catalog post, it’s coming.


Check out JetPens for tons of awesome Japanese pens and stationery. Free shipping on orders over $25, and hitting that is pretty easy with all the great stuff they have. So thanks again!

Maruman Mnemosyne Word Cards Review

Maruman Mnemosyne Word Cards Review 

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