Noodler’s Rome Burning – Handwritten Review

Used in Review:.
Noodler’s Rome Burning
Lamy Al-Star (1.1mm Stub)
Rhodia Elastibook

Here’s a handwritten review for Noodler’s Rome Burning. It’s an interesting gold color that reminds me of sand. It has an almost grainy appearance to it when dry. This ink isn’t the most well behaved on cheaper paper, but it’s given me no problems on Rhodia, Black & Red or Maruman.

4 thoughts on “Noodler’s Rome Burning – Handwritten Review

  1. This ink has a really cool feature where it changes color when you get it wet. The yellow color washes away and it will leave a wonderful blue/violet color. This is a truly unique ink, but can be a bit quirky in ‘difficult’ pens.

    1. I actually found that out when I was cleaning out the pen, pretty cool. It’s definitely a unique ink, but I don’t think I liked it enough to justify a bottle. I accidentally ordered two samples, and I think they were enough for me.

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