Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine – Handwritten Ink Review

Pen: Lamy Safari Limited Edition 2012, Green Apple – 1.1mm Stub Nib
Ink: Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine
Paper: Rhodia dotPad

Notes: I bought this ink to go with my Pelikan M605. I hadn’t tried out the ink before buying a bottle, but I really lucked out. It’s a beautiful shade of green with great lubrication, flow and shading properties. It’s my ink of choice for the M605 as it matches the green ink window in the pen. Enjoy the review.

10 thoughts on “Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine – Handwritten Ink Review

    1. I haven’t done any of the more scientific tests, but I have accidentally gotten water on the page. With my experience, this stuff is definitely not waterfast. It’s a watery ink to begin with, and it doesn’t have any permanent properties. Aventurine is just a great shade of green with nice shading properties, if you want waterproof, Noodler’s Ink should have something to fit your needs!

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