Diamine Grey – Handwritten Ink Review

Pen: Lamy Al-Star, Graphite, Fine Nib
Ink: Diamine Grey
Paper: Rhodia dotPad

Notes: I liked this grey ink the most out of all the others I’ve tried. The list of potential bottle-worthy inks included Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun and Kiri-Same, Diamine Graphite, Noodler’s Dark Matter (almost black, but not quite), and Private Reserve Grey Flannel. With wider nibs the ink shades a bit more than with the fine nib. It’s also a perfect match for the Graphite Lamy Al-Star, which is a nice touch. Enjoy the review, and feel free to comment with your thoughts / experience with Diamine Grey.

5 thoughts on “Diamine Grey – Handwritten Ink Review

  1. I too delight in the subtlety od Diamine Grey, especially with todays bright, white papers. It also lifts a finger to the ‘Establishment’ who, for no good or valid reason, insist that official forms are completed in black.

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