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Weekly Loadout – 2/19/13 – All Black Everything (almost)


Left to Right:

Notes: Wow, I have seriously been slacking on these. It’s turned into more of a bi-weekly, sometimes three weekly, maybe monthly loadout? I haven’t been changing inks all that much because I’ve been stupid busy with school, work, and other work, and the dog. So I apologize for not posting these weekly, but changing the name is too much work. SO. This Weekly Loadout has a pretty serious amount of matte black going on. I’m pretty much settled in with everything I have. Also, if something in the list doesn’t have a link associated, there’s a pretty good chance that there’s a review coming in the very near future. I would give some opinions if everything wasn’t already being reviewed / in queue to be posted, so I’m going to save myself some time, and possibly build up some hype/excitement for new stuff. I apologize if the pictures aren’t as great as they could be. I used my new Nexus 4, and I’m not totally thrilled with the camera. It’s a great device, but the camera definitely leaves something to be desired. I feel like a walking contradiction, I need the latest phones / technology, yet I prefer a fountain pen and NEED a mechanical watch on my wrist.

Also, I opened up a new feature on the site called the TRADING POST. It’s a way for readers of the site to post up their lists of pen goodies that they wish to trade. It’s similar to the ink swap threads on the popular forums, but the difference here is that you get your own page, I host your list, and I create a custom contact form that emails you directly with any trade requests. Thanks to the few people who have submitted lists! If this is something you may be interested in, check it out! Also worth noting, you do not have to have a list on the site to trade! It’s encouraged, but if you want something in one of the lists, and want to trade, by all means!


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Bonus Dog Gallery:

Weekly Loadout – 1/14/13 – Only a few this week…


Left to Right:

Lamy Al-Star, Graphite – Black Fine Nib – Diamine Grey

Sailor Professional Gear Imperial Black Edition – Fine Nib – Noodler’s Bad Blue Heron

Pelikan Souveran M605, Black & Rhodium – Fine nib – Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki

Pilot Vanishing Point, Matte Black – Medium Nib – Diamine Oxblood

Notes: I know, I know, the “weekly” loadouts aren’t exactly weekly. I apologize for that. I’ve also been slacking in terms of post frequency, so I’m posting on back to back days. I also have a pretty big announcement coming later this week that I’m really excited to share with you guys. Now, onto the loadout…

This week I have only been carrying these four around with me. I think the overall theme is quality over quantity. Since I’m between semesters at school, my pens see a bit less use and I don’t usually carry a bag to hold the 8-10 pens I usually carry. These four pens are shown above in a Libelle leather case which I have had for quite a while now. No complaints with the case at all. The pens stay in there nicely and are almost 100% protected. I still tend to keep my less expensive pens in the side slots just so nothing can damage the more expensive ones from the side. The flap over the top stays put, and being that the case was only around $20, it was quite the deal. I plan on doing a feature on pen storage in the very near future so stay tuned for that.

Another thing that’s new about this loadout is the Sailor Professional Gear Imperial Black Edition. I have been DROOLING over this pen since it was announced, and got a bit of exciting news, so I bought it for myself as a little reward. It’s my first Sailor, and so far I am loving it. Once again, a review will be coming shortly. I don’t have a top/bottom combo this week, because I really like what I have going on with all of these pens. I have bottles of each of the inks (read: I liked them enough to buy them) so everything is a tried and true favorite. The loadout was written on a Clairefontaine Classic Side Wirebound notebook, which you will also be seeing a review for soon!

Reminder: I am taking submissions for your Weekly Loadouts! Click here for instructions on how to do that!

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Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – Handwritten Review

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen ReviewI know, there are tons upon tons of reviews out there of the Lamy Safari. However, I don’t think I’m wasting my time by adding one more. The Safari is not only a great beginner fountain pen, but a great addition to any collection. At any given time I usually have three inked up. The fact that the nibs are easily swappable makes this pen super versatile. Taking into consideration the durability, versatility and overall fun level, the Safari is a great pen that deserves a place in everyone’s collection. There are legions of loyal fans with huge collections of the Safari and I can understand why.

If you would like to support edjelley.com, you can do so by purchasing the Lamy Safari through this Amazon Affiliate link!

I went about this review a little differently. Since I usually have a few of them inked up, I decided to use a few different nib / ink combinations for the review. It’s not uncommon practice for me to switch out nibs in the middle of the day because it’s just that easy. If you’re careful about it, it can be done with little to no mess and the only thing needed is a paper towel to quickly clean off the nib. Also, I assigned numerical score values to each section of the review. I wrote this review out a while ago and have since decided to discontinue the numerical scores. I think that being more specific with my writing can be just as helpful as a number.

The Lamy Safari is strongly recommended as both a beginner and every day pen. The price point, swappable nibs, and build quality make this purchase a no-brainer.  I use the Safari on a daily basis and I highly recommend adding one, or two, or ten to your collection. They’re a great pen for trying out new inks too. They can be used with Lamy’s proprietary T10 cartridges or with their Z24 converter, making life easier.

Onto the reivew…I wrote this review on the Maruman Mnemosyne B6 notebook that I use for all my in class notes. This review is also pretty picture heavy, so I apologize  in advance. Or you’re welcome in advance. Either way.

Pen: Lamy Safari

Inks / Nibs: Extra Fine with Diamine Evergreen, Medium with Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine, 1.1mm Stub with Scribal Work Shop Siren


Handwritten Review Scans:

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Review Capped
LIne up. For some reason the red one doesn’t like to line up. Usually the fit on these are dead on. Maybe I over tightened it at one point and damaged the threads?
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Review Posted
Uncapped. Personally, I like to write with the Safari posted. It’s still comfortable to write with it uncapped, the body is a good length, not too long, not too short. Since the pen is on the lighter side, the balance isn’t thrown off by posting the cap.
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Review Clip
The Safari’s clip is a tank. It’s really secured well to the cap and has a great grip. I usually keep one in my front pocket of my jeans, and the clip does a great job of holding on, even with thick denim. Of course it works well on paper or a notebook cover too.
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Review NIbs
Nib shot. The interchangeability of the nibs makes the Safari a versatile every day pen. It takes only a few seconds to switch them, and at ~$10 a piece, there’s no reason not to have all of them in your collection.
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Review Charcoal Grey
My first fountain pen. The one that started it all. I feel like this one needed it’s own picture.

For the sake of readability and not to overstuff everyone’s RSS feeds with pictures, there are a bunch more pictures in the gallery below. Feel free to sound off in the comments on your love/hate for the Lamy Safari.

Weekly Loadout – 12/10/12 – Some New Features

Weekly Loadout - 12/16/12 - Left to Right Head On

Left to Right:

Pilot Vanishing Point, Matte Black – Fine Nib- Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine

TWSBI Diamond 540, Demonstrator – Franklin Christoph Medium Nib – De Atramentis Fir (Dec. Ink Drop)

Pelikan Souveran M605, Black & Rhodium – Fine nib – Vintage Sheaffer Peacock Blue

Pilot Metropolitan, Black with Dots – Medium Nib – J. Herbin Perle Noire

Montblanc 149, Black and Gold – Medium Nib – Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine

Lamy Safari, Charcoal – Medium Nib – Noodler’s Cayenne

Lamy Safari, 2012 Ltd. Edition Green Apple – 1.1mm Stub – Diamine Matador (Dec. Ink Drop)

Lamy Al-Star, Graphite – Black Fine Nib – Diamine Grey

Lamy Al-Star, Coffee Brown – Broad Nib – Diamine Ochre (Nov. Ink Drop)

Noodler’s Ahab Flex, Medieval Lapis – Fine Nib – Diamine Oxblood

Notes: So for this  Weekly Loadouts section, there are a few repeats. I have two pens inked up with colors from my December Ink Drop samples from Goulet Pens. Unfortunately neither of these really did anything for me. The Diamine is nice, but the De Atramentis Fir Scented Ink I did not like at all. The scent seems gimmicky, and it’s not at all noticeable when writing. The only time I could smell it was when my nose was in the sample vial. I decided to do a few things differently this week. Most of the pens and inks  I’m using this week I have reviewed, so the links above are all for their respective review pages. I also listed my favorite and not-so-favorite pens in this loadout. Also, I have yet to write anything on the Hamelin Black & Red Notepad, so that’s new. I have reviews coming shortly for the pad, a few more inks, and a pen.

Keep Calm and Write On.

Weekly Loadout - 12/16/12 - 1

Weekly Loadout - 12/16/12 - 2

This week's favorites: the Noodler's Ahab with Diamine Exblood, the Pilot Vanishing Point with Edelstein Aventurine, and the Lamy Safari with Noodler's Cayenne
This week’s favorites: the Noodler’s Ahab with Diamine Exblood, the Pilot Vanishing Point with Edelstein Aventurine, and the Lamy Safari with Noodler’s Cayenne
Bottom two: TWSBI 540 with De Atramentis Fir and the Pilot Metropolitan with J. Herbin Perle Noire
Bottom two: TWSBI 540 with De Atramentis Fir and the Pilot Metropolitan with J. Herbin Perle Noire
Weekly Loadout - 12/16/12 - Left to Right Angle
Angle Shot!


My Instagram is pretty much just fountain pen pictures, and pictures of my dog. I thought I would do a semi-monthly update here and host my pictures from Instagram. If you can absolutely not wait a whole month to see these pictures of pens and dogs, follow me for some real-time action.