Giveaway: Pilot Explorer Fountain Pen

Giveaway: Pilot Explorer Fountain Pen

Courtesy of Goldspot Pens

Pilot Explorer Fountain Pen Giveaway-3

Today, we’re going to be giving away a Pilot Explorer Fountain Pen ($24 value) in metallic gray with a medium nib to one lucky reader! All you have to do to enter is leave ONE comment on this post stating one thing you’d like to see a review of in 2019. If you’re not feeling so creative, please leave any comment at all.

Official Rules:

  1. This giveaway only includes shipping to the United States. Should the winner be located outside the US, they’ll be responsible for shipping costs.
  2. Leave one comment and one comment only. If your comment does not appear right away, it may be in moderation.

Thanks again to Goldspot for sending over a giveaway sample!

Giveaway has ended and the winner contacted, thanks all for entering and to Goldspot for supplying the prize!

Pilot Explorer Fountain Pen Giveaway-2

112 thoughts on “Giveaway: Pilot Explorer Fountain Pen

  1. Thanks for the GAW opportunity! I think a best of 2018 review would be great.. maybe divided into categories like ‘top 5 FP’, ‘top 5 machined pens’ and so on.

  2. Would love to see a review of inks for everyday use in pens that are easily used in a lab work environment. So, portable, long lasting ink supply and no leak.

  3. Funny as they may be, but i’d also like to see more reviews of ‘top X pens’, with some comparison of what exactly makes the model better.
    Additionally, I’d love to see more reviews about smaller pen companies, or pen makers in other countries – China, India, maybe other I’m not yet aware of.
    Something of sorts ‘Here’s 5 Chineese pens to look out for in 2019″

  4. A bit different than a review, what would you think about posting an interview with a pen and/or paper maker?

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