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Kunisawa Pocket Find
Notebook Review


This is a review by contributor Tim Pockett. Tim is an EDC and stationery enthusiast from the South West U.K. with a background in copywriting. You can follow his Instagram account here for some awesome pen, paper, watch, and EDC shots. To read more reviews by Tim, click his author page next to the little pencil icon above.

What is it?

The Kunisawa Find Pocket Note is a compact notebook with a premium construction and stylish, but classic aesthetics. Read on to find out what elevates this pocket pad far above the usual office supplies.


  • 5mm or 2.5mm Grid paper around 80GSM
  • Spiral Binding
  • Chipboard cover
  • 145 x 90mm or 5.7×3.5″
  • 50 Sheets



This sturdy little spiral notebook has a chipboard cover that’s stiff enough to let you write whilst standing. The robust wire binding leaves me with no concerns about carrying this pad in a pocket or loose in a bag. Offered in a choice of three colors, the ‘Blue Mist’ I received goes tastefully with the copper logo and copper-colored spiral bindings. Flip the cover and you’re greeted with Kunisawa’s “i do not seek, i find.” motto, which gains added impact by the absence of other text or distractions.


The Find Pocket’s paper is a creamy off-white that is very easy on the eyes and works well with the pad’s aesthetics. Grid rulings in either 5mm or 2.5mm squares are the only options, so fans of lined or plain may be turned off. Kunisawa list the paper as “Foolscap” which actually relates to a particular size (about twice as big as the Find Pocket Note) so there may be some confusion at their end. The paper feels like 80 GSM to me – I couldn’t find the actual paper weight listed anywhere, so if anyone knows please comment below!  On the topic of size, Kunisawa’s Find Pocket Note is part of a collection of different notepads ranging from memo to A5 and each have the same paper which their website states is “created specifically for writing” (as opposed to printing). 


When it came to testing the note pad out, I found the pages to be smooth and absorbent with various inks drying pretty quickly. I didn’t get any feathering when writing with my fine nib Karas Kustoms fountain pen and show-through was almost non-existent. I got a bit of feedback through the nib, which I don’t get from my Rhodia or Field Notes pads – and to me this paper definitely feels a little nicer. Gel pens and ball points worked fine as well, so this pad should be suitable for a wide variety of writing instruments.


So who are Kunisawa?  I hadn’t heard of them before receiving this notepad, and if you haven’t either it may be because they’re a relatively recent entry into the stationery market. Launched in 2017 by Kawachya, a paper company firmly rooted in printing and the creative industries, the Kunisawa logo debossed on the front of the pad is actually a depiction of the mythical Japanese “Yatagarasu” – celebrated in Japanese history as the ‘God of Guidance’ with the three legs symbolizing “heaven, Earth and humanity”. I know this is just branding but I like the depth the story adds, firmly linking this notepad with Japanese culture and history.



Going on my first experience of Kunisawa products, I’m impressed. Having recently picked up a Mnemosyne notebook and Hobinichi Techo, I’ve definitely got the bug for Japanese stationery and its possible I’m a little biased. But whichever way you look at it, the Kunisawa Pocket Find is definitely a premium notebook. Thoughtful aesthetics and minimal branding make it a nice alternative to the sea of other pocket notepads out there, and its subtle styling is perfect for office use.


At $6-7 they feel priced just about right for the quality feel and decent paper, and the robust construction should see the pad right the way through it’s 50 pages. Kunisawa may be the new kid on the block, but the Find Pocket Note definitely holds its own against the competition thanks to its smart looks, uncluttered design and sturdy build. You can pick one up for yourself right here. 





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