Baron Fig Confidant Plus Notebook Review

Baron Fig Confidant Plus
Notebook Review

What is it: A big version of Baron Fig’s popular Confidant Notebook. Big covers, big pages, dot ruling like volleyballs. If it was the regular Confidant, I wouldn’t have said anything, but they had to send me the BIIIIIIIIG Confidant for review.

Notes: Seinfeld references aside, the Baron Fig Confidant Plus is a larger format of their Confidant. They’ve also added a smaller pocket size to the lineup. The Plus has all of the same features of the standard Confidant, just larger. The book measures in at 7″x10″ and is packed with 208 pages full of lined, blank, or in my case dot grid ruling. On the page, the ruling is lightly applied, as to stay out of the way of your writing or sketches. It’s available in both standard grey, and a darker charcoal. A few years back, I got a light grey one to review, and being the slob that I am, spilled Chinese food on it. The hardcover is coated with cloth, so it picked up a stain, like nearly every button down shirt I own that’s lighter in color than jet black. Every time I include it in photos, the stain haunts me – it needs to be healing brushed out. A constant reminder to be a little more respectful to my stationery. Anyway, the point is that I like the darker color. It won’t show wear as much, and I prefer charcoal over the light grey. You’ll still find the signature yellow ribbon page marker, lay-flat binding, and perforated pages in the back of the book. Baron Fig describes the paper as “premium fine-grain” which I mostly agree with. There’s a little bit of tooth to it, but not so much that you’d avoid using a fountain pen on it.

The paper is pretty friendly with the pens and inks I’ve tried, showing just a little bit through to the back side. Feathering is minimal, if any and of course varies depending on the pen and ink combo you’re using. There’s not much more to say, it’s a solid notebook at a reasonable price, with some nice standout features and minimal design. I’ve been keeping the notebook on my desk at work, and it’s been quite solid.

Thanks for reading!

Baron Fig offers free shipping on orders over $16, which is a nice touch. You can pick one up for yourself right here. Make sure to let me know in the comments below how you like your book!

Disclaimer: THE FUN PART. This was sent to me by Baron Fig for review. Please keep that in mind when hitting that “purchase” button on behalf of my review. If you’ve ever purchased anything at my recommendation, and hated it – please call me out. No really, send me an email. 

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