Papermate Liquid Flair Porous Tip Pen Review

Papermate Liquid Flair
Porous Tip Pen ReviewPapermate Liquid Flair Review-6

What is it?  A readily available pen that’s just plain fun to write with.

Papermate Liquid Flair Review-1Notes: Sometimes you find a pen in your desk at work and fall in love with it. My experience with the Papermate Liquid Flair is just that. The Liquid Flair is an updated version of the classic porous tipped pen the “Flair”. It has a similar writing experience, but this newer version leaves a bit more ink on the page, ensuring dark precise lines. The point of the pen has just a little bit of give to it, adding some nice line variation. Papermate says it adds flair to your writing, hence the name. I agree with the marketing people here, it definitely does.

Papermate Liquid Flair Review-5The plastic tip results in just the right amount of feedback, which prevents the pen from being super smooth like a rollerball. It’s a nice feeling for sure. The main difference between the Liquid Flair and it’s older brother is the body of the pen. It’s thick in diameter, comfortable to hold, has a secure cap that snaps shut with a satisfying click, and an internal mechanism to keep the ink from drying out.

Papermate Liquid Flair Review-3The body is covered with a geometric pattern and has a clear window for viewing how much ink is left in the pen. I really like this pen, especially for something that you can throw in the drawer of your desk and not have to worry about it. At just about a dollar each, they’re a great deal. If you haven’t tried the Liquid Flair, I highly recommend doing so!

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6 thoughts on “Papermate Liquid Flair Porous Tip Pen Review

  1. The devil perched upon my left shoulder wonders how the writing sensations compare to Parker’s “5th Mode” pens, they of the fountain-pen-costly bodies and eight dollar refills. I shall have to get one and try it out (and not only to satisfy the shoulder-percher– I quite enjoyed these in their earlier incarnation, and am always open to nostalgic treats).

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