TWSBI Eco Hands On / First Impressions 


  • Black and clear demonstrator
  • Broad Steel Nib
  • Iroshizuku Asa Gao
  • Weight: a comfy 21g
  • Posted: way too long
  • Unposted: very comfy
  • Pick one up here!


  • Broad nib is smooth and wet
  • Round barrel looks great
  • Clear grip section
  • One piece body/grip
  • Piston fill is smooth
  • Packaging is modern
  • Price ($32 shipped)


  • Cap is HIDEOUS
  • Piston knob is also pretty ugly
  • Worried about breakage (past experience with TWSBI has been “meh”)  


16 thoughts on “TWSBI Eco Hands On / First Impressions 

  1. So, If I already own a Twsbi 580 Diamond clear demonstrator, would you consider the ECO as well, or is it very similar to the 580?

  2. After all these years, TWSBI still doesn’t understand how to balance a pen in-hand when posted. So much for pens based on user feedback, TWSBI’s Mantra back when they began this pen-making adventure. Surely by now, TWSBI (“Speedy”) would have “gotten” it. Obviously not…

    1. The TWSBI Mini posts comfortably (for me at least). Clearly, TWSBI designed its desk pens (5×0, Eco, etc) to be used unposted. Lots of people prefer not posting desk pens, lots prefer posting. The Eco is designed (presumably based on feedback / demand) to be the cheapest available quality piston filler. This is quite a feat, and I can forgive Speedy for not also making it comfy both posted and unposted. It may be a fair criticism that TWSBI could add a posting desk pen to the lineup, but seems like unreasonable criticism of the Eco. The Eco can’t please all people all the time, but it has already pleaded a great many fp users.

      1. I understand that, but I don’t think I slammed the pen too heavily for not posting. I simply stated that it is way too long. The pen is a great value, but I am curious to see how it holds up in the long run. Especially given TWSBI’s history in cracked pens. I wish some of the design was less clunky, but oh well.

    2. It’s hard to please everyone with a single pen, but I feel like the design of the cap and piston knob could be slimmed down and streamlined a bit. The cap is relatively light weight, but it’s very large. Good thing that writing with the pen unposted is as comfortable as it is!

      1. I was directing the posting comment at David. Loved your review, Ed. Seems very fair.

  3. I like the simplicity of the Eco compared to the 580. I think the overall look is very nice. The medium is wet and smooth. Posting, as with the 580, is a problem. The only TWSBI that posts well is the Mini. I’m glad I bought it and I have added it to my rotation.

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