Stryker Tactial Pen with Anti-Microbial Coating – Hands-On and Kickstarter Launch

NMB Creations
“Stryker” Click Action Rollerball Pen


Nolan over at NMB Creations got in touch with me a few months back during the prototype phase of building the pen. His idea was unique and his background in the medical field really helps this project stand out from the rest. Read below for more information from the Stryker Kickstarter Page:

From the Stryker Kickstarter:

Brought to you by NMB Creations, this tactical rollerball pen has not only been tastefully crafted, with inspiration rising  from the way an AR-15 is built, but  it is also professional and tough enough to withstand anything you can throw at it. Each pen is machined, anodized, anti-microbial coated,  then assembled and inspected by hand.


The Strkyer on Kickstarter


  • Precision machined from solid Aluminum or Titanium
  • Bold Tactical Design
  • Currently offered with a sandblasted finish in Aluminum and Titanium
  • Assembled by hand
  • Uses high quality German-made Schmidt 5888 M Rollerball ink cartridges
  • Uses high quality German-made Schmidt push mechanism
  • Aluminum: 1.5 ounces
  • Titanium: 2.3 ounces


Overall, the Strkyer is an interesting pen. The anti-microbial coating is a cool idea, but I don’t know how much it really matters to me. For those in the medical field, this may be well worth the cost of the pen. A $65 pledge will get you the aluminum version and Nolan has already met his funding with the stretch goals in reach. The pen takes a Schmidt rollerball refill, which I don’t think I am a huge fan of. It writes smoothly, but I prefer a finer line. This can be remedied very easily with a different refill.


The pen is definitely on the larger side of comfortable, but those with larger hands or those who enjoy a large pen will like it. The fit and finish are good, but not great – however this is a prototype, so fit and finish may vary slightly in the pen you purchase. The knock button on mine has a small gap between the bottom of the button and where it screws in, it’s very minimal but still noticeable. I think the clip could also use a bit of a redesign to improve functionality.


I had a hard time clipping it to anything other than a very thin shirt pocket. It wouldn’t easily clip to the front pocket of my jeans, which is where I would ideally like to carry such a large pen. Head on over to the Stryker Kickstarter to pledge if you like what you see! Thanks again to Nolan for sending the pen over for me to check out.


Disclaimer: I was given this pen free of charge and receive no compensation for my review. All opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Stryker Tactial Pen with Anti-Microbial Coating – Hands-On and Kickstarter Launch

  1. This pen really confuses me. Wouldn’t the holes & ridges on the grip gather gunk and bacteria, rendering any coating useless? Is it even comfortable to hold/wrote with that prominent a texture?

    It seems it’s trying to be sold with a specific function more than form, yet it looks like the fussy form interferes with that function.

  2. Ed thanks for the review. I’m going to hold on this one until I see the clip redesign. Besides the stiffness it seems under sized to me for such a large pen. I will admit the anti-microbial is creative new marketing.

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