Announcements / Guest Posts / Upcoming Reviews!

Hey everyone!

First, I’d like to thank everyone for visiting the site, reading the reviews, leaving comments and being a part of the community that revolves around our favorite writing instruments. Your continued support makes it fun to write the site.


Admittedly, there’s been a lack of posts around here and I feel as though I owe a bit of an explanation. I’ve been trying to post at least once a week, but it hasn’t always worked out. Part of this is due to me starting a new job in the pen industry. I’ve been working for Kenro Industries for the past month and a half – we are the US distributor for Aurora, Omas, Montegrappa and Sheaffer pens. My new career is completely separate from, they didn’t buy the site and they don’t pay me to write reviews. However this may lead to some more pens being reviewed that I may not have otherwise been able to get my hands on, but like any of the reviews where the pen is provided, all opinions are my own. It’s been a great few weeks so far and I can’t wait to go to the DC Pen Show. If you’re going, make sure to stop by the Kenro table and say hello!

Guest posts?

I’ve been writing reviews for this site since November of 2012 with little to no break in posting, and this past month or so is the least frequent posting schedule I’ve had so far. I’ve been throwing the idea around for a while and think it could be cool to see if anyone wanted to do any guest posts. Not only would it add some reviews to the site of products I don’t have, but could be a fun way for guest writers to promote their site (if they write for one) or even to just give pen reviewing a shot. If you are interested, please send me an email –

Upcoming Reviews:

I have a pretty long review queue at the moment. I’m working on finishing up the photography on them and wanted to give you an idea of what reviews to expect in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for Tactile Turn’s new materials for the Mover / Shaker, the Karas Kustoms Bolt, the Monteverde Invincia Stealth, the Aurora Ipsilon, the TWSBI 580AL, Field Notes Arts and Sciences, Doane Paper Large Idea Journal, some Kaweco inks, the BigiDesign Ti Post Pen + Stylus, and more! In the mean time, check out my review archive page – The List – to read the back catalog of reivews!

Social Media:

I’ve been much more active on social media than I have been on the site. If you’re looking to get a pen picture fix – follow me!

Instagram – @edjelley
Twitter – @edjelleydotcom
Facebook –




6 thoughts on “Announcements / Guest Posts / Upcoming Reviews!

  1. You’ve posted a pic with this post of one of the most attractive pens and leather folders I’ve ever seen on your site, with no info …? Please don’t leave us in suspense — what are these lovelies and where can they be purchased?

    Also, congrats on the job. They really should be paying you to blog, too. 😉

  2. “…we are the US distributor for Aurora, Omas, Montegrappa and Sheaffer pens.”

    The U.S. DISTRIBUTOR for Sheaffer pens. Boy, that says a lot about the sad state of the U.S. manufacturing industry. I am old enough to remember Sheaffer’s as a proud American company from Fort Madison, Iowa. Sigh.

    Anyway, good luck in your new position. David

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