Tactile Turn “Mover” and “Shaker” New Materials Review and Kickstarter Launch

Tactile Turn
“Mover” and “Shaker”

Tactile Turn Kickstarter Pen Launch 6

  • Description: A precision machined pen with a unique lay pattern grip from the people that brought you the orginal aluminum Tactile Turn Mover and Shaker.
  • Point: Variable – The Mover takes G2 style refills, the Shaker takes Parker Style refills.
  • Materials: Brass, Bronze, Titanium and Copper
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Measurements: The Mover: 5.55″L x .46″D The Shaker: 5.05″L x .46″D
  • Mover Weights: Titanium: 42g, Bronze: 61.5g, Copper: 71.2g, Brass: 67.7g, Aluminum: 31.6g
  • Shaker Weights: Titanium: 40.9g, Bronze: 59.0g, Copper: 67.8g, Brass: 63.9g, Aluminum: 31.0g

Tactile Turn on Kickstarter


Tactile Turn Kickstarter Pen Launch 5It’s no secret that I was a huge fan of the original Tactile Turn Mover and Shaker in aluminum. I was a backer of the project, and I had three in my possession until Will got in touch and told me he was making them in new materials. Well, here they are! My favorite alternative to a fountain pen has been either the Mover or Shaker since I had got my hands on the original prototypes. I didn’t think it was possible, but they’ve gotten better. Tactile Turn is launching a new Kickstarter campaign for the new materials – brass, bronze, titanium and copper – make sure you head over and check it out if you like what you see!

Also be sure to check out my original review of the Mover and Shaker here.


Tactile Turn Kickstarter Pen Launch 3Fit and finish are still great. I showed a brass Shaker to my coworker and he didn’t know how to take it apart. The seam in the middle of the pen is virtually invisible until you need to unscrew the barrel to change out refills. Both the Mover and Shaker feel great in hand, but I prefer the slightly longer Mover. The clips are smooth and have some nice grip without being too stiff. The custom lay pattern grip is what really makes the pen shine though. More on that in the feel section.


Tactile Turn Kickstarter Pen Launch 2The grip is the same across all the new materials, but it really works great. It does an awesome job of keeping the pen under your control, making precise writing effortless. The new materials really complete the whole experience. While the original aluminum was great, I happen to like these new ones better. The added heft and great looks put this one over the edge. Here’s a quick breakdown of how the materials feel:

Tactile Turn Shoot 2Brass: My favorite. It looks beautiful and has a great substantial feel in hand. There’s no need to press down whatsoever to get the G2 or Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 working. It’s the second heaviest material but still feels great. The lay pattern isn’t as sharp as the titanium, but it still provides great grip.

Tactile Turn Shoot 2Copper: The heaviest of the bunch, this raw copper pen takes on a life of it’s own. After a few weeks of use, the copper will darken and patina – giving a great vintage look and feel. I happen to like how it looks, but those who always need something clean and shiny may want to check out the other materials.

Tactile Turn Shoot 2Bronze: The bronze is similar to the brass, but has a reddish undertone to it. It looks and feels similar to the brass, but it will not patina. According to the Kickstarter page, it will maintain it’s brilliance and shine for a long time without polishing. I’m excited to carry this one around and see how it compares to the aging brass.

Tactile Turn Shoot 2Titanium: Not only does it sound badass – it kind of is. People love titanium for its signature dull grey hue and amazing strength to weight ratio. The grip on this material has a bit more “bite” than the others. It’s lighter weight and looks great. I prefer the brass and bronze, but this one is by no means a dud.

Writing Performance: 

Tactile Turn Shoot 2The original prototype came with a Fisher Space Pen refill, but thanks to Mike Dudek over at ClickyPost.com, the Tactile Turn Shaker is now shipping with the buttery smooth Schmidt EasyFlow 9000. It really makes me want to keep writing with a ballpoint…it’s that good.

The Mover takes a standard Pilot G2 refill which also works quite well. I like the clean precise lines, but the 0.38 is a tad bit scratchy. There are tons of different Parker-style refills out there and others can be hacked to fit a G2. If you’re not a fan of the refills that ship with the pen, I’m sure you can find something out there you like!


  • New materials look and feel amazing
  • Lay pattern grip is still great
  • Pricing is very reasonable


  • Pen refills STILL confuse me – be sure to do your homework before buying refills if you don’t like the ones that are included.


Tactile Turn Shoot 2I’ve been using the Tactile Turn Mover and Shaker since I received my backing, and I really do love it. There’s a really good chance I have one in my pocket at all times. These new materials only make me want more of them. Backer rewards start at $45 for the classic aluminum and have tons of options and packages for all of the other materials.

Head on over to the Tactile Turn Kickstarter to pick one up today.


Disclaimer: These pens were given to me by Tactile Turn for review. I also shot the photos for the Kickstarter campaign. They were used with permission on both ends. All opinions are my own!

4 thoughts on “Tactile Turn “Mover” and “Shaker” New Materials Review and Kickstarter Launch

  1. Those look great! I have 2 of the aluminum Movers in burgundy and black, and am tempted by the Copper one. Do you find any real differences in construction between the first run and these new pens? He uses the word “refined” and I did not know if that referred to higher end materials or a refined manufacturing technique.

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