Tactile Turn Pruner and Parer Kickstarter Announcement

Tactile Turn Pruner and Parer Kickstarter Announcement

Will over at Tactile Turn makes some of my favorite pens out there. He informed me of his latest project, the Pruner and the Parer, two buy-it-for-life takes on the most popular razors in the market. If you’re looking to add an upgrade to every part of your day, not just writing – consider his latest Kickstarter project for these awesome razors. Each of the handles is precision crafted and have a quality feel. They are on the heavy side, so watch out for accidental drops! Why shave every day with a cheap plastic handle, when you can use something that’s built to last, made in the USA, and just plain looks cool?

Tactile Turn Both-5
The razors have a similar texture to the Tactile Turn Mover and Shaker grips – this is great for traction and control.
Tactile Turn Both-6
The razors are slightly different in size. One is a bit wider, longer and heavier than the other. Both feel good in hand.
Tactile Turn Razor Lifestyle-9
You won’t need this leather strop to keep the cartridges sharp, but it sure does make for a nice picture…
Tactile Turn Razor Lifestyle-4
If you’re still using canned aerosol shaving cream, consider switching to a brush and some real cream. The experience is much more enjoyable and you’ll get a better shave. Bonus – premium creams tend to skip the chemical additives which can actually be more irritating than soothing.



Full Disclosure – Will commissioned me to take the photos for his campaign, you can see some above and many more over at his site. If you would like more information on photography for your brand, you can contact me here!

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