Baron Fig Squire Alphabet Limited Edition Pen Review

The Baron Fig Squire Alphabet is a pen released by NY-based stationery company, Baron Fig. You might know them for their popular Confidant notebook, cool pencils, or soft cover notebooks. This particular offering is an aluminum pen with the alphabet engraved in it, you know, in case you forget. The days of “damn, what letter comes after J again?!” are long gone. Yes, I’m poking fun, but the engraving is top-notch and I like the minimal design it adds to the pen. Lets take a closer look at this compact rollerball.

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Namisu Nova Rollerball Kickstarter Announcement

Namisu Nova Rollerball Kickstarter Announcement Simplicity, elegance and function. The first three words that come to mind when I look at the new Namisu Nova rollerball. After successfully launching a fountain pen version (over $125,000 raised!), the UK-based design firm is releasing a rollerball version of their Nova pen. Speaking from my experience with the […]

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Stryker Tactial Pen with Anti-Microbial Coating – Hands-On and Kickstarter Launch

NMB Creations “Stryker” Click Action Rollerball¬†Pen Nolan over at NMB Creations got in touch with me a few months back during the prototype phase of building the pen. His idea was unique and his background in the medical field really helps this project stand out from the rest. Read below for more information from the […]

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