Black Friday, 5th Edition

Black Friday 5th Edition

– Black Friday, 5th Edition –

  • Lamy Safari – Charcoal – Fine Nib
  • Monteverde Black Ink
  • Rhodia Unlimited Pocket Notebook

Last month’s Black Friday feature wasn’t my favorite, and I’m much happier with this one. The Google Nexus 4 is a great phone, but it is definitely slacking in the camera department. I shot this month’s feature with my regular camera, and I’m much happier. This month I decided to feature the Lamy Safari, Monteverde Black ink, and the Rhodia Unlimited pocket notebook. This Safari was my first fountain pen, and I love it. It’s the perfect knock-around workhorse that you don’t have to worry about throwing in your pocket or bag. I opted for my black nib in fine because it’s probably my smoothest steel Lamy nib I have. It plays very nicely with Monteverde Black, which I didn’t expect too much from, but after writing with it, I like it quite a bit.

Dry time could be a little faster, but it’s a smooth ink with nice saturation. The Rhodia Unlimited is a great little pocket notebook with a lot of great features. I really liked the ruling (the title box up top included) and the perforated pages. The soft-touch cover is held down by a black and orange elastic strap that’s riveted to the back cover. Both the perforated pages and the elastic band are nice touches that puts the Unlimited ahead of many other pocket notebooks. Everything this month is reasonably priced, but expensive doesn’t always mean good. The Safari is never far from my reach and the notebook is at home in my pocket or bag. Enjoy the pictures.

  • Pen: Lamy Safari, Charcoal, Black Steel Fine Nib 
  • Ink: Monteverde Black
  • Paper: Rhodia Unlimited Pocket Notebook, Lined ruling

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6 thoughts on “Black Friday, 5th Edition

  1. I have the black Safari ( matte finish). I call it my stealth pen (black nib). I’m using the Binder Burgundy I mixed with Script Red and Waterman’s Violet. Like you, I love the Lamy. Very reliable. You have a nice write up here!!

  2. Thanks for the review! I am super enthusiastic about my Rhodia Unlimited. I picked mine up from “The Container Store” that is local to me. I didn’t think much of it at the time but I’ve become a huge fan of it. I typically use it with a post-it note stuck to the page opposing the one on which I’m writing. That prevents the wet ink from smearing. I jot down my memo’s to-do items and close it and pull the elastic over, and off I go. It’s a great little handy notebook

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! The post-it note is definitely a good idea, I’ll have to try that out. Writing quick notes with a fountain pen that takes a little longer to dry can be quite counter-productive. It’s a great little notebook.

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