Black Friday, 6th Edition

2013-11-22 11.03.47

– Black Friday, 5th Edition – Lamy AL-Star Matte Black LE  Noodler’s Black Ink Maruman Mnemosyne Notebook Ironically, it’s a week before the shopping “holiday” here in the US that’s known as Black Friday. Because of Thanksgiving, the need to get some shopping done, and I happen to be moving that weekend, this feature is […]

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Black Friday, 5th Edition

Black Friday 5th Edition

Last month’s Black Friday feature wasn’t my favorite, and I’m much happier with this one. The Google Nexus 4 is a great phone, but it is definitely slacking in the camera department. I shot this month’s feature with my regular camera, and I’m much happier. This month I decided to feature the Lamy Safari, Monteverde Black ink, and the Rhodia Unlimited pocket notebook.

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Black Friday, 4th Edition


– Black Friday, 4th Edition – Lamy Accent – Matte Black & Palladium, Sailor Kiwa Guro Nano Black, R by Rhodia – No. 18 So, technically it’s not the last Friday of the month. February really messed me up in terms of scheduling with this whole lack of days thing. If only it were leap […]

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Black Friday, 3rd Edition


Sailor Professional Gear Imperial, Noodler’s Dark Matter, and a Large Rhodia Webnotebook
So, it’s that time again. For those of you (most of you) who haven’t seen a Black Friday feature yet, this is the third installment. On the last Friday of every month I’m going to be featuring a black pen, a black ink, and a black notebook. This Black Friday just happens to the blacker than the blackest black times infinity. [Read More…]

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