Black Friday, 4th Edition


– Black Friday, 4th Edition –

Lamy Accent – Matte Black & Palladium, Sailor Kiwa Guro Nano Black, R by Rhodia – No. 18

So, technically it’s not the last Friday of the month. February really messed me up in terms of scheduling with this whole lack of days thing. If only it were leap year, I would be set. This month’s feature is a mix of old and new. I’ve had the Lamy Accent for a while now, and it’s pretty great. The grip is a little weird, but it’s perfectly balanced. It’s not my number one go-to pen, but I’m happy I have one in my collection. I apologize for the ink being a repeat, but it’s my favorite black ink. Believe it or not, I wrote up three Black Friday features (with different inks and pens) and this is the one I hated the least. I’m my own toughest critic, I guess. Also, the notebook featured this month is something special. It’s the R by Rhoda No. 18 from Rhodia’s premium line of notebooks. The cover has a great soft feel to it and the paper inside is just as good. I’ll have a review of that up in the near future. Also, for whatever reason, I decided to write in cursive. I hope you enjoy the switch up from small caps.

  • Pen: Lamy Accent, Fine Nib – Matte Black with Palladium Grip, Black Steel nib
  • Ink: Sailor Kiwa Guro Nano Black
  • Paper: R by Rhodia No. 18 – Lined Notepad

Black Friday 4-1

Black Friday 4-3

Black Friday 4-5

Black Friday 4-4

Black Friday 4-21

I hope you guys are enjoying this feature as much as I am. Browse past Black Friday Features here, and be sure to check back in on the last Friday of every month for a new installment!

2 thoughts on “Black Friday, 4th Edition

  1. Looking forward to your review of that R pad Ed – I love the Rhodia graph for testing / playing around on but could do with something nicer for sending notes / letters etc.

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