Black Friday, 3rd Edition


– Black Friday, 3rd Edition –

Sailor Professional Gear Imperial, Noodler’s Dark Matter, and a Large Rhodia Webnotebook

So, it’s that time again. For those of you (most of you) who haven’t seen a Black Friday feature yet, this is the third installment. On the last Friday of every month I’m going to be featuring a black pen, a black ink, and a black notebook. This Black Friday just happens to the blacker than the blackest black times infinity. To top it off, I was listening to The Black Dahlia Murder while doing the feature just to add that extra element of darkness. Also, a big thank you to Karen at Exaclair for providing me with the Rhodia Webnotebook!


The semi-matte finish of the leather cover of the Rhodia Webnotebook perfectly matches the Sailor Pro Gear Imperial. They compliment each other very nicely. Check out the in-depth review I did of the Sailor in the Fountain Pens category, or in the link above!
Everything is black, right down to the nib. Speaking of the nib, the Noodler’s Dark Matter makes this thing write super smooth. I think the ink may be bottle-worthy. It’s a nice black, but not too dark. With a broader nib, you can get some shading out of it. The effect is a gradient from dark grey to black. I think this is a nice departure from the super black inks like Sailor Kiwa Guro.
I know I’ve said it at least three times so far, but I’m really enjoying this combination. The notebook is the perfect size to bring along with you, yet it’s not too large where a bag is needed. The ink performs very nicely in the pen, and it looks great on the off-white Rhodia paper. As I said in the handwritten section, this is my first experience with non-white Rhodia paper, and I really like it. Check back for a review of the notebook soon!

I hope you guys are enjoying this feature as much as I am. Browse past Black Friday Features here, and be sure to check back in on the last Friday of every month for a new installment!

5 thoughts on “Black Friday, 3rd Edition

  1. There was a post recently on FPN linking to a retailer in the UK that sells Rhodia webbies in four sizes, one smaller than the “pocket” and one larger than you are calling large.

    1. Interesting! I got the notebook directly from Exaclair (Rhodia’s US Distributor) and they only offered A5 and A6 sizes, they also referred to them as the small and the large. It’s very possible that they do not carry the additional sizes in the USA.

      Thanks for pointing that out, I’m going to look into it!

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