Announcing: “Safety First” from Tactile Turn – a Timed Edition

“Safety First” – A Timed Limited Edition

Gonna start this one off with a HUGE disclaimer. I work for Tactile Turn. This limited release was the brainchild of myself and Will at Tactile Turn. I run their social media, take their photos, all sorts of fun stuff. The sales of this pen will directly benefit me. But this is my website, with my name on it, and you should be able to talk about stuff you’re proud of on your own site, right? Moving on…

What The Heck is “Safety First”?
After flying through limited edition batches of Nebula pens and bolt actions made from exotic materials, we wanted to do something that was a little more accessible, a bit easier to get a hold of, just as much fun as the limited releases, but with a little less urgency. The result is our first timed edition. This bright orange pen will be available through the end of November. We opted for a bright Hi-Vis orange Cerakote finish on the pen (a new capability at the Tactile Turn factory) with black hardware. The pen is built on Tactile Turn’s Side Click — a titanium-bodied pen with a unique mechanism that’s super fun to play with. We hit the body with bright orange and finished the nock, release button, and clip in black. Looking at the tip of the clip, you’ll notice the ISO standard “W001” general warning sign – an exclamation point bound within a triangle. Each pen features this special engraving on the clip to round out the safety themed pen.

A Note on Cerakote:
These new pens are treated with a Cerakote finish. Cerakote is a spray on coating that’s cured in an oven to achieve a highly durable finish. The ceramic based finish is right at home on applications that require high resistance to heat, abrasion, and the like. You’ll find it on EDC tools, firearms, and now, Tactile Turn pens. If you’re familiar with Tactile Turn’s pens, the most notable feature is the tactile feel they have, thanks to the machined grooves in the body of the pen. The Cerakote on these pens does tend to fill those grooves in a bit, making that signature texture much more subtle. The pen still stays grippy, and through testing I’ve found them by no means slick.

Getting One For Yourself:
These new pens will be available for order from now (Thursday, November 19th) until the end of November. Each pen comes with a special engraved metal card to commemorate the edition. Going forward, we’ll be working on more themes. Once the current ordering window is closed, the pens are gone for good. Thank you so much for checking out the pens, and an extra thanks if you decide to pick one up!

4 thoughts on “Announcing: “Safety First” from Tactile Turn – a Timed Edition

  1. I found out about Tactile Turn too late to get in on a Safety First. Any chance you know if there’s a secret stash anywhere?

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