Yoseka Stationery Notebook Review

Yoseka Stationery Notebook Review

What is it?

This premium notebook is an offering from the Queens-based stationery store, Yoseka. It’s a simple notebook with a heavy-duty cardboard cover, exposed binding, and silky smooth KBU2 paper inside. We’re looking at the second iteration of the notebook with improved paper and more secure binding.

Yoseka Stationery Fountain Pen Notebook Review-18Specs:

  • 224 blank pages
  • 85gsm paper weight
  • Grey cardboard cover
  • A5 size: 5.8 x 8.3″
  • FSC certified paper
  • Made in Taiwan


First off, hello! It’s been a while. Who knew that working, having a toddler, a house, and a few side gigs would take up so much time? I’ve been pretty casual with updating the site because life kind of gets in the way sometimes. There are a few things that are on the review pile, and I’m working my way through them when I can. Today, we’re looking at the notebook from Yoseka Stationery. I’ve never heard of the company before, which is surprising given that they’re located pretty close by. The trip from Long Island to Queens can take far longer than the mileage would suggest, but Yoseka is now on my list of must-visit stores. Anyway, let’s take a look at the notebook they sent along for review! Make sure to hit the gallery at the end of the post for full sized photos!

Yoseka Stationery Fountain Pen Notebook Review-1

As you can see, it’s a very plain looking notebook. Guess what? I happen to really like the look. Whether it’s on a cluttered desk or a minimal setup, it’s kind of nice to have something neutral hanging around. The covers are made from a heavy cardboard stock, there’s exposed stitched and sealed binding on the sides, and a debossed logo on the back of the book. That’s really it. When you first open the notebook, you’re greeted by a spread of textured light yellow paper, and then by 224 pages of bright white, unruled “KBU2” paper inside. Flip all the way to the back, and you’ll find some subtlely printed information on the spread of yellow paper in the back. Overall, it’s a pleasantly simple looking notebook that exudes quality. When you pick the book up, you’ll appreciate the precise and neatly cut paper. It seems a little weird to talk about alignment when discussing notebooks, but for lack of a better term, this one is on point.

Yoseka Stationery Fountain Pen Notebook Review-4

Moving on to the paper inside. The Yoseka Stationery book is filled with 224 pages of unlined paper inside. I’m not huge on blank ruling. My preference leads towards some structure. I’m not much of a drawing/sketching guy (not at all) and I can’t write in a straight line to save my life. Good news though, even though the paper is pretty heavy at 85gsm, you can throw a slice of lined paper behind it. The resulting effect gives you just enough show-through to use the lined paper as a guide. I’ve been using a piece of Doane Paper with the grid+lines ruling as a guide and it’s been great.

Yoseka Stationery Fountain Pen Notebook Review-6

Just look at those beautiful, straight lines of text. Writing in the Yoseka Stationery notebook is a pleasant experience. The pages are smooth to write on, with just a hint of texture. When I was first inspecting the paper, I expected it to be pretty absorbent. Usually with more absorbent papers, shading is limited. I’m happy to report that this is not the case with the KBU2 paper used in this book. If you look closely, there’s none of the bad characteristics of crummy paper. There’s no feathering, limited ghosting on the back of the page, and some nice shading present.

Yoseka Stationery Fountain Pen Notebook Review-5

Overall, I’m happy with how the Yoseka Stationery Notebook both looks and performs. The simplicity of the notebook’s appearance is appreciated, especially on a messy desk. Inside, the paper holds up to fountain pens (both fine and broad nibbed), ball point, and pencil. At 5.8 x 8.3″ in size, the A5 notebook hits that sweet spot between pocket- and full-sized notebooks. There’s more than enough room for a good amount of writing or sketching. The heavy duty cardboard covers will hold up to travel well too, so you won’t have to worry too much about tossing it in your bag for transport.

Yoseka Stationery Fountain Pen Notebook Review-14

Yoseka’s notebook also folds very flat. It doesn’t get much flatter than that. I think that about sums it up for this premium notebook offering. You can snag your own online at Yoseka Stationery for $20, or if you happen to find yourself in the Sunnyside area of Queens, make sure to pop in. Again, thanks to Daisy and Neil at Yoseka for reaching out and bringin their brand to my attention!




2 thoughts on “Yoseka Stationery Notebook Review

  1. I’m a big fan of Yoseka Stationery. Their store in Sunnyside is amazing and worth the trip to. I have this notebook and agree with your review. Well done!

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