Inventery Co. Pocket Fountain Pen Review

Inventery Co. Pocket
Fountain Pen Review


  • Description: A pocket-sized fountain pen that’s more of a writing system than a single pen.
  • Nib: Steel Schmidt Nib System with rollerball conversion option
  • Filling Mechanism: Short Cartridge (9 included), full-sized converter with extension tube
  • Weight: Varies by extension and material
  • Measurements: Between 4″ and 5.2″
  • Color Options: Black oxide, brushed chrome, and brass

Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen Review-14Intro/About:

The Pocket Fountain pen by Inventery Co. is more of a writing system than anything. This compact fountain pen can be changed from a small pocket pen to a full-length pen, and even from fountain to rollerball. They’ve included three additional cap inserts so you can change it from clipless, clipped, key chain ring, or stylus tip. Like the last Inventery Co. pens I reviewed, the styling is minimalist but the thoughtful design features really stand out in a meaningful way that make the pen much more enjoyable. Let’s read on to learn more about this interesting little fountain pen.

Thanks to Inventery Co. for sending these pens over my way. Keep an eye out when you check out their site, they do run a 15% off your first order if you sign up for the email list.

Disclaimer: These pens were sent for review free of charge. I wasn’t compensated additionally for this review. 

Appearance & Packaging:

Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen Review-2Packaging is often the first thing you see when receiving anything, so it can be quite important to make a good first impression. Inventery’s packaging (even down to the shipping box) is quite elegant. The box is packed with crinkled black paper shreds that just plain look cool. The pens are packaged inside small rectangular boxes with gold foil print that says what’s inside. Once you slide the core of the box out of the sleeve, you’ll find a custom-cut foam insert that houses all of the pieces of the writing system. There’s a converter, rollerball tip, extension sleeve, and three additional cap inserts that allow you to customize the pen to your needs. Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen Review-4

The pen itself is cylindrical in shape. It’s simple, but the proportions are just right. The extension mechanism seamlessly attaches to the body of the pen should you want to use the converter for ink. I quite like the look of the clip. It’s made from a springy folded steel and features a fully rounded edge. The look of the pen does change if you swap out the cap insert. You can remove the clip, add a top with a lanyard hole for key chain use, or swap in the stylus tip to pull double duty on a tablet or phone. Check out the “Feel” portion of the review for comments on the different lengths that the pen can be. The pen is available in three finishes. The black oxide is nice and dark with a matte black finish and gold-colored nib. The brushed chrome is still quite shiny, but the finish will mitigate the visibility of scratches over time. Last, there’s a raw brass that will pick up a patina over time the more you use it. The color offerings are simple, but all different enough to be interesting. Personally, I’m a fan of the black oxide finish. Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen Review-8

Nib Performance & Filling System:

Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen Review-5

The steel Schmidt nib performs as expected. They’re pretty standard, no frills nibs that are proven to be reliable. You’ll find a medium flow rate, smooth writing experience, and the line width you’d expect from a Western nib. When ordering, you can specify what color nib you want – silver, gold-plated, or black-coated. This is a nice little touch that furthers the pens custom aspect. Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen Review-6

The filling system is pretty interesting. In its smallest pocket pen form factor, the pen accepts a short international cartridge. This can be used for either the fountain pen nib or rollerball writing tip. If you attach the extension mechanism, you can use the standard international converter to use bottled ink. Again, you can use the converter for either the fountain pen nib or rollerball tip. I particularly like how the pen can be used in so many ways for a variety of situations.


Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen Review-11

Inventery Co.’s pen is hefty, solid, and nicely machined. In hand, it feels nice to hold. The clip is sturdy, the threads are silky smooth, and all of the parts fit together really well. Nothing feels cheap or chintzy, which is expected of a pen in this price range. Just like the filling system options, there are a ton of different ways in which you can swap out pieces to change the writing experience. It can be written with or without the extension mechanism, and posted or unposted in either configuration. Check out the gallery to see the difference in sizes. Personally, I like the pen best in the pocket configuration with the cap posted, or with the extension tube attached with the cap unposted.




  • Very versatile
  • Quality machining and feel
  • Attractive packaging and presentation


  • Price for full kit is a bit expensive
  • Steel nib is just okay
  • Leather sleeve (add-on item) quality is not great


Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen Review-15

I definitely like what Inventery Co. is doing. They’ve clearly thought out the design from start to finish to create a stylish, versatile writing system. The fact that the pen can be configured to write in four different ways (pocket, and full length in fountain pen or rollerball) with four cap options is impressive. The presentation is nice and the pens are solidly built and well machined. The only thing that stands out about the Inventery Co. pen is the price. The pocket version of the fountain pen starts at $135 and the extension version is $165. For a pen with a steel nib, this is a hefty sum. However, I think the attention to detail, presentation, and versatility of the pen do make it stand out from the rest of the options present. Again, thank you to Inventery Co. for sending these my way. If you would like to pick one up for yourself, you can head over to their site to see this pen, along with their other offerings.


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