Stationery in Colors – Blue Edition

Welcome to the second installment of Stationery in Colors. Make sure to check out the first set – Orange! This time, I went with blue. The grey backdrop did a pretty swell job of making the blue pop. I was also wearing blue socks, and I swear that was completely unplanned. All of the photos are uploaded hi-res, make sure you click to see them all blown up!

What’s in these photos:

Colors Series Blue Stationery-1 Colors Series Blue Stationery-2 Colors Series Blue Stationery-3 Colors Series Blue Stationery-4 Colors Series Blue Stationery-5 Colors Series Blue Stationery-6 Colors Series Blue Stationery-7 Colors Series Blue Stationery-8 Colors Series Blue Stationery-9Thanks for stopping by! Next up will be #allblackeverything.

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