Weekly Loadout Submission – Thomas G.

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Thomas G.’s Loadout


Thomas’s Description (Left to Right):

  • Moleskine pocket notebook
  • TWSBI Precision retractable tip mechanical pencil
  • Caran d’Ache 849 ballpoint
  • Lamy 2000 fountain pen
  • TWSBI Mini Classic
  • Kaweco Classic Sport

Favorite Combo:

I like using Diamine Midnight and Diamine Ancient Copper in my FPs. The BP and pencil are great for other uses.

Least Favorite Combo:

I’m not happy with how the cover on the Moleskine is peeling, but the paper is decent.

Editor’s Note:

Thomas, nice simple loadout here! You have all of your bases covered with a pen, pencil, ballpoint, and some nice fountain pens. I love my Lamy 2000, I think it would be my “desert island” pen – if I could only take one with me, that would be it. I would recommend checking out some Doane Paper Utility Notebooks – they’re great with all kinds of pens and they’re definitely durable. Maybe even some sort of leather cover if you’re happy with the Moleskine? Bonus points for the red coffee mug – I have one just like it! Great stuff, thanks for submitting!

Thanks for sharing!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.23.40 AMIf you would like to submit your Weekly Loadout of pens, ink, and paper, please share by clicking here and filling out the form!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Loadout Submission – Thomas G.

  1. No vintage pens. Good – more for me 😉 And what is that, Moleskine notebooks and fountain pens in the same bed? How’s that workin’ out for ya?

    1. Vintage pens can be tough to get into, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have something new from the start. For us fountain pen enthusiasts, Moleskine may not be the first choice (or far from it), but it’s hard to deny that it’s probably the world’s most recognizable brand of pocket notebook. I know you’re just playing, I didn’t want Thomas to feel riduculed!

  2. Without wishing to be rude, I wonder why anyone uses Moleskine? The quality is junk; there are so many better journals out there. For example, Thomas could get a leather cover for the same price if he went with a Monsieur Notebook product. Well, live and learn I guess. I used to be a Moleskine geek and then it dawned on me the paper was awful and I could do much better by expanding my horizons. Actually, reading blogs is the best way to do that. Viva La Interwebs!

    1. My thoughts are that they’re readily available. He also carries a pencil and a ballpoint with him, so there’s a good chance that those are getting used in the pocket notebook. I definitely cannot recommend Monsieur Notebooks – I received a sample from them and it was of very low quality. The paper was feathery, the binding broke when I opened it for the first time, and the leather is cheap.

      Maybe Thomas will find something he likes better, either way, the journey is always the fun part anyway.

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