Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen in Bordeaux – Handwritten Review

Kaweco Sport Burgundy Fountain Pen Handwritten Review 11

The Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

in Bordeaux

– Handwritten Review –


  • Description: Perhaps the perfect EDC fountain pen, this pocket-friendly fountain pen “extends” when posted.
  • Nib: 23kt Gold Plated Steel
  • Filling Mechanism: Cartridge
  • Weight: 15 grams
  • Measurements: 4.1″ closed, 5.3″ posted
  • Ink Capactiy: Intl Short Cartridge, ~.75ml

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Handwritten Review Scans:


Kaweco Sport Burgundy Fountain Pen Handwritten Review 8

I’ve wanted a Kaweco Sport for quite a while. For my first fountain pen, I was in between this and the Lamy Safari. Ultimately, I went for the Safari but this was not far behind. I really liked the pocketability and design of the pen. This pen is by no means new to me (hence it looking pretty thrashed in the pictures). I’ve had the pen for just over two years and we’ve had a tumultuous relationship to say the least (don’t worry, we’re friends now). I recently started carrying the Kaweco Sport again, and after some nib tweaking, the pen is writing how I like it. It’s right at home in my back pocket and is unnoticeable until I need it. Enjoy the review!

Appearance & Packaging:

Kaweco Sport Burgundy Fountain Pen Handwritten Review 9

The packaging for the Kaweco Sport is pretty much what you’d expect from a ~$25.00 pen. It was in a small, nicely designed black and gold cardboard box. I would provide you with pictures, but I discarded it years ago. Check out Google Image Search if you’re curious. Packaging isn’t very important to me, as long as what’s on the inside works well. The only thing worth noting was how small the box is (and the pen for that matter). When I took it out of the shipping box, I was shocked at the size.

Kaweco Sport Burgundy Fountain Pen Handwritten Review 10

The Appearance of the pen is what sets it apart from the rest of the pack. The Kaweco Sport is a true pocket pen. The cap is uniquely designed, in that it’s much longer than what you would think the cap for a pen it’s size would be. The pen, when unposted, is too short for me to comfortably write with. When capped, the pen is approximately 105mm, but when posted, the pen extends to a comfortable 135mm. Kaweco’s slogan “small in the pocket, great in the hand” really holds true. More on this in the feel category. I particularly like the gold cap jewel that matches the nib and the branding on the pen. I opted for the pen in Bordeaux with a fine nib, and the deep maroon compliments the gold quite nicely. The nib has some simple engraving on it, but it’s not corny or cheap looking. It fits the overall look of the pen nicely. I really like the appearance of the pen, I just wish it was a bit more hefty in hand (Kaweco AL-Sport, are you going to be in my collection soon?).

Nib Performance & Filling System:

Kaweco Sport Burgundy Fountain Pen Handwritten Review 7

Initially, this fine-nibbed Kaweco wrote pretty dry. I wasn’t thrilled with the writing performance. It was decently smooth, it just needed more flow. If you like drier writers, then this would be a non-issue. This pen sat around in my pen cup, unused, for quite a while. I recently picked it up again, and I’m glad I did. I spread the tines a bit, increasing the ink flow, and now it’s a nice medium-wet writer. The nib is quite smooth and performs well for it’s price point. I’ve read other reports of the Sport and AL-Sport being hit or miss in terms of nib performance, so be aware. I’ve also read that customer service is on-point, an most issues were resolved quickly and painlessly.

The Kaweco Sport utilizes a cartride filling system. There’s currently no OEM converter available, but there are a few work arounds out there. I just stick to the cartridges, and when they’re empty, I clean them out and refill them by syringe. The Sport takes International Standard Short Cartridges, so finding an ink you like is relatively easy with all the choices out there.


The feel of the Kaweco Sport leaves something to be desired for me. The pen is very very light. I would really like to try out the all aluminum Al-Sport. I think I would be happier with one of those because of the added weight. Back to Kaweco’s slogan, “small in the pocket, great in the hand’. It definitely holds true. The Sport practically disappears in my back pocket, comfortably nested in next to my wallet. It’s quite comfortable to write with when posted, but for extended writing sessions I am much more likely to grab something a bit more comfortable. For an every-day carry pen, this thing fits the bill. For essay writing and note taking, maybe not so much. The plastic they use also feels a little bit on the cheap side. It’s not as rugged as the Lamy Safari’s ABS and can definitely get pretty thrashed from  hanging out in a pocket or bag with keys and change.


  • Great Pocketability
  • Appropriately Priced
  • Great Cap Design
  • Very Portable
  • No Proprietary Cartridge


  • Very Light Weight
  • Cheap feel to the plastic
  • Inconsistent Nib Performance
  • Very Basic Packaging

Kaweco Sport Burgundy Fountain Pen Handwritten Review 6


For a sub-$30 pen, the Kaweco Sport certainly isn’t bad. As a pocket pen, it’s actually great. It falls a bit short as a daily use pen due to the writing fatigue that can kick in. The light weight makes it great for the pocket, but can be an issue during longer writing sessions. While the plastic Sport is nice, I think I would be happier with the aluminum version due to the added weight and durability. If you are looking for a fountain pen to throw in your pocket or bag with a tiny footprint, then I suggest checking this one out!

20 thoughts on “Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen in Bordeaux – Handwritten Review

  1. Thank you for such a great review.

    Coincidentally, I am just using the same pen right now, Kaweco Sport Bordeaux and I really like this pen. For me, light weight is an advantage, instead of being a disadvantage.

    1. Thank you for reading! It’s a great pen, don’t get me wrong. The weight is just a matter of personal preference. My ideal weight is around 25g, like the Lamy 2000 or Sailor Pro Gear.

      Did you happen to have any nib problems with yours?

  2. Great review! I have been thinking about ordering one of these as a knock-around pen for quite a while. I’m happy they come in bordeaux and not just black or blue. However, after seeing the pen in your pictures I am concerned about how it will fit my hand.

  3. I have a LIliput which I love – it’s super cute. … I realize that’s not really what everyone looks for in a pen though. The Al-sport is very attractive. I’d love to hold one before buying though. As always, awesome review & pics 🙂

    1. Thanks as always!

      I’ve said it a whole bunch, but I think I’m just going to pull the trigger on an Al-Sport. There’s the Long Island Pen Show coming up in two weeks, and if there’s one there, I may come home with it…

      The Lilliput looks pretty tiny, maybe too much so for me.

  4. Excellent review! Thanks Ed. I’ve had the identical pen for about six months and use it almost daily and enjoy it. I have the fine nib and it has always been a smooth writer for me. My only issue is that the barrel has become mildly abraded where the cap posts. I notice you have the same mild abrasion. So, as far as function and poratability go, the Sport is a winner. But for looks – the plastic is not optimal. I also have a TWSBI Mini and a Pilot Prera in this size range – very happy with both – and both have solved the posting abrasion issues – the Mini by being threaded when posting, the Prera by having a cap insert that posts to a metal band. Thanks again Ed. Keep up the great reviews and writing!

    1. Thank you! I definitely could have taken better care of the pen, but the whole reason I got it was so that it could stay in my pocket. I don’t mind the wear and tear, but I could see where it would bother others. The plastic is on the soft side, I would like it better if it was an ABS or something more durable.

      Thanks for reading!

  5. The writing from it looks great. The pictures of the pen thought seem to show a lot wear/scratch marks where the pen cap slips on or unscrews? That would drive me crazy.

    1. Thanks, it does write quite well! Unfortunately the plastic isn’t the most durable. There’s wear from where the cap posts and screws on. Keep in mind that this pen lives in my back pocket and I am by no means careful with it.

    1. At the time of review, they weren’t announced yet! I’m curious to see how they work, and if they’ll be more widely available.

      Thanks for the tip!

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