New Website Feature – “Trading Post”

Hey everyone.
I came up with this idea last night, with a little input/inspiration from the #fountainpen community on Instagram.

So, this past week I sent out a few ink samples to friends, and realized maybe a “Trading Post” would be a fun idea to get people more involved in the site and the pen community in general. On here, I will list up the bottles of ink that I have and the ink samples I am looking to try out. If you would like to try anything, fill out the form in the post and it will send an email directly to me and we can get trading! To make this more fun, I will also be hosting other people’s trade lists and provide a unique contact form for them, so that other people may submit a form to you for an ink trade. This is all kind of crazy. There will be many kinks to work out and I don’t know if it’s going to work at all, but it’s fun getting little packages in the mail. It’s also pretty fun sending them!

I am 100000% open to suggestions, comments, input, complaints, etc.

Thanks Guys/Gals!

– edjelley
So, here goes nothing…


Things should be more straightforward once you see my list and form. If you would like your list & form to be hosted on the site, fill out the “Trade List Form” on the main Trading Post page!


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