Inventery Rollerball Pen Review

Inventery Mechanical Pen
Rollerball Review

What is it?  A pocket sized (yet desk-friendly) pen with a unique flat spot to prevent rolling!


INVENTERY hit me up to ask if I wanted to check out their pens. I haven’t heard of the brand before, but after some poking around their website, it looked like something I would like. These compact pens are machined from either steel, or brass with a unique flat spot on the bottom that prevents the pen from rolling off your desk. This feature is pretty interesting, as I haven’t seen it on other machined pens. The minimal branding, and sleek looks result in a solid pen for every day use. Let’s get into it!The packaging is pretty cool. The pen (chrome shown above) fits into a foam insert and has a small card with some specs on it. The black box has gold imprinted labelling that fits the minimal aesthetic of the pen. The presentation is nice, and the box itself was packaged with these fun, crinkled black pieces of paper. The pen is presented nicely and definitely gives off a premium feel. In hand, the pen feels surprisingly solid. At 57g, the pen is quite hefty. The pen widens from the knock to the tip, giving it a slight forward balance. It’s 5″ long, which hits the sweet spot between too long and too short. While it can be carried easily in a pocket, the lack of clip makes it a little less pocket-friendly. A nice black leather pen sleeve would definitely pair well with the INVENTERY pen. As for the writing experience, the pen utilizes a Schmidt P8126 refill. It’s a standard capless rollerball that writes smoothly with little feedback.

The bottom of each pen has a number on it. It’s kind of cool that they went out of their way to number each pen, but I’m not sure if they’re a limited edition, or what? It does make your pen feel a little more unique, limited edition or not. You’ll also notice that the bottom of the pen is flat. Why? So it doesn’t roll right off your desk. I admit, this is a problem for me with clipless pens (I’m looking at you, Namisu). It’s nice that the pen sits solidly on a flat surface and to be honest, I think it’s a big selling point for the pen. The flat spot is just enough to keep the pen from rolling, yet not so much that it gets in the way while writing. 

Conclusion: Overall, the INVENTERY pen is a solid choice. It’s not without a few quirks though. Many people are turned off by the Schmidt mechanism. I haven’t had any problems with them personally, but I’ve heard plenty of stories of them wearing out over time and being replaced. The other thing to consider is the price. At $90, the INVENTERY pen doesn’t come cheap. Is it worth it? That’s for you to decide. The pen is solidly made, individually numbered, and presented in a nice package. If you’d like to add one of these sleek pens to your collection, hit the link below!

You can pick up a pen from INVENTERY here!



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