[Photo Post] Nakaya Neo Standard / Site Updates!

Just an update…

It’s been a little light around these parts lately, and there are plenty of good reasons why! I haven’t had as much time to get new fountain pen and ink reviews up. Lately, I’ve been more drawn to non-fountain pens. The Tactile Turn Slider and Glider are great, the Ti Arto by BigiDesign is unique and interesting, and there are a few simple, cheap pens that I’ve just been enjoying lately. Some of you may know that I write over at Everyday Carry, and there’s been a lot of fun stuff going on over there too. That takes up a good chunk of my free time, but I really enjoy what I do. I also do freelance photography and have had a bunch on my plate with that lately as well. I shot the Kickstarter campaigns for both Tactile Turn and the new Nock Co. Lanier Briefcase (review coming really soon!). I find that the content I make here is mostly for fun, and for me to produce the best reviews possible, it helps when I really want to do them. Expect a few new guides, some more ink reviews, and some more new fountain pen reviews before the year is out. Until then, enjoy these pictures of my Nakaya Neo Standard, you can check out the full review here!

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