Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars Day!

Light side Darkside

My excitement has been building for months, and I FINALLY got to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens last night. Don’t worry about spoilers here, I’m just going to say that I really enjoyed the movie and that it was the most fun I’ve had watching a film in a really long time.

I decided to go through my pen collection and do a little dark side of the force / light side of the force photo set! The Lamy 2000 Stainless Steel definitely looks like a lightsaber when lit up with blue light, and the Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black is undoubtedly what a Sith Lord would carry.

I used an app called Softbox on my iPad mini to get the lighting effects, and made a composite image so that everything I wanted lit was nice and bright.


One thought on “Happy Star Wars Day!

  1. What a coincidence, I watched it last night too. It seem the release time in SEA are roughly the same. The movie was very good except the problem with the villain in this movie, and Harrison Ford being Harrison Ford.
    Nice job with the pictures

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