Enter to Win a Pelikan M400 Courtesy of Massdrop!

Massdrop is back with another generous giveaway. This time it’s the classic Pelikan M400. The giveaway is for one(1) Pelikan M400 in Blue Striated with an extra fine nib. Read on to see how to enter!


MassdropLogoTo be entered in the giveaway, all you have to do is create a new account (no credit card info required!) through this link!

If you already have a Massdrop account, you can enter by leaving a comment on this post letting us know you already have an account and what you’d write with your new Pelikan!



Winner announced! See if you won here!

The giveaway will start on Thursday, May 7th and run until the following Friday, May 15th at midnight EST. One entry per person please! Massdrop will be selecting the winners randomly and shipping the prize. Giveaway is open worldwide! Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the giveaway! Here’s some more info on how Massdrop works too.


550 thoughts on “Enter to Win a Pelikan M400 Courtesy of Massdrop!

  1. I do in fact have a mass drop account, as of now. As someone just beginning this hobby, any free pen would really help! I will be using this pen for my journals and short stories.

  2. I already have a massdrop account, but the first thing I’d write with that Pelikan is “Finally!”

  3. I already have an account, but I would love this pen! I’d use it for taking notes in my college classes. Thanks!

  4. I have a Massdrop account (althoug I didn’t use it yet). I would love to win this pen so I can start my journaling project about family memories.

  5. I already have a Massdrop account, I’m going to write notes for work with the pen if I win it.

  6. I Have a massdrop account and have always wanted to own a pelikan. Unfortunately I am on a college budget and cannot afford one. This would be incredible to win.

  7. I have a Massdrop account! Thanks for letting me enter this giveaway. I’d probably take notes for class and write letters to my siblings.

  8. I created a massdrop account through my twitter. I would love the Pelikan! Giveaways like this remind me how awesome the FP community is

  9. I already have a Massdrop account, and if I won, I would write some poetry. It might be on par with Vogon poetry, but I’d try.

  10. I have a Massdrop account. I’d probably use this for cable designs and taking notes

  11. I already have a Massdrop account, and if I got the Pelikan, I’d definitely use it as my writing pen — specifically for creative writing and transitioning thoughts to prose. Been in need of one for a while.

  12. I’ve got a mass drop account already. But I would love to win this pen to go with my journal writings and musings!

  13. Beautiful pen! I would write in my journal, the thing that keeps me sane while I complete PA school– then after that help me get through my first tour as a PA in the military.

  14. I have a massdrop account. I would use this pen to write notes with next year for college.

  15. I already have a Massdrop Account. I would write everything and anything with this new pen.

  16. I have a Massdrop account and would like to win this pen to bring with me to take notes during my semester in London

  17. I already have a mass drop account 🙂 I would show off at work and write my meeting notes looking like a badass

  18. I have a Massdrop account and would love a Pelikan. I feel it would make me look badass in business meetings in a way my noodler’s never could.

  19. I’ve already got a Massdrop account. I’d use the pen everyday, for anything from jotting down notes to crunching some numbers.

  20. I’ve got a Massdrop! I’d use this beautiful pen to write some really sappy poetry.

  21. I’ve got a Massdrop account, and a Pelikan(this one specifically) is my grail pen. I’ve been looking into getting one not just for finishing my senior year of college, but also for everyday writing and drafting letters.

  22. I already have an account with Massdrop.

    If I won, I’d use the pen to help repress the urge to buy more pens, if only for a little while…

  23. I already have a Massdrop already. I would absolutely love to write anything with that Pelikan if I won it.

  24. I have a massdrop account.
    I would use it for journal and novel writing, but handwriting is fairly new to me and fountain pens have become a recent passion that drives me to put a much greater effort into my writing.

  25. I already have a mass drop. But I would definitely leave this as my new journaling pen. Journaling in conjunction with my mental healthcare has a really helped me with the progress I’ve made.

  26. Just recently got a Massdrop account, haven’t actually used it yet 😛 I’d use the Pelikan for journaling and taking notes in class.

  27. I have an account already! I’d take notes for all my classes and probably doodle all over the margins.

  28. I am already a member of the mass drop community, and quite thoroughly enjoy being one. I would like to be entered into this drawing. I would write Ludacris stories with it, but in the highest of fashion while doing so.

  29. I already have a massdrop account. I would use this pen for self-improvement journaling!

  30. Already have my Massdrop account! I’ve never owned a Pelikan but I would probably use it to write an irish sea shanty.

  31. I have a massdrop account and I’d love to be able to take notes with a Pelikan

  32. Hi! I already have a Massdrop account. I’d be using this mostly for school and work.

  33. I already have a massdrop account. I would use the pen to write preflight and debrief notes as preparation for my Private Pilot Exams! The plane I fly would match the pen perfectly and I would love to “soar” on the wings of a pelikan.

  34. I just signed up for a massdrop account. I would use the Pelikan for everyday carry and journaling.

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