“Airfoil Click” Pen – Hands-On and Kickstarter Launch

Masterstroke Pens
“Airfoil” Click Gel / Roller Pen

Grant over at Masterstroke pens got in touch with me and offered up an Airfoil Click for review. I reviewed his last Kickstarter project, the Airfoil Twist. He has definitely worked out the kinks with the Click. His project has just under a week to go on Kickstarter and the project has well surpassed its funding goal. See below for some information about the Airfoil:

Airfoil Click Review

From the Airfoil Click Kickstarter:

This pen boasts a bold sleek industrial design that will stand out from the crowd. To create each pen requires a complex machining process. Many machining operations on a CNC lathe operate off of two axis. For CNC mills many operations operate on 3. Airfoil Click however, is carefully sculpted from the stock with 4 axis, that’s 4 orientations the machine must move the part to carve out the body geometry. Like many components in modern jets, Airfoil requires a complex manufacturing process to create the unique shape while preserving performance. Each pen is assembled by hand, the threads lubricated for a smooth jewelry-like silent assembly, tested, and carefully inspected.

Airfoil on Kickstarter


  • Length: 5.59″
  • Diameter: 0.50″
  • Weight: 34g
  • Refill: Pilot G2 gel ink
Airfoil Click Review
The Click is much more comfortable in hand than the Twist. The pen is slimmer overall and the “fins” have been integrated into the body. They are no longer sharp and unwieldy.
Airfoil Click Review
The Airfoil Click is available in several different anodized finishes with different colored internal inserts. The pen looks great in the matte black / silver configuration I was sent for review.
Airfoil Click Review
The top view shows the internal chamber off quite well. The pen has some really interesting lines and it is definitely a unique design.
Airfoil Click Review
From this view, you can see that the fins have been integrated into the body of the pen. Not only does this cut down on the number of loose parts, it makes the pen feel more solid and much more comfortable in hand.
Airfoil Click Review
My one gripe with the pen is the clip. The metal isn’t overly sturdy and I could see it getting bent out of shape rather easily.
Airfoil Click Review
I really like the avaition-inspired theme of the pen, all the way down to the logo on the clip.

Upon receiving the pen, I loaded it up with a Pilot G2 refill. The familiar Schmidt click mechanism works well – silent and efficient. The body of the pen is much more comfortable than the previous “Twist” model, coming in at a thinner diameter. The fins no longer dig into my hand and the integration into the body looks great. I’m really happy with the update to the pen. Grant really took the criticisms into consideration and in my opinion, has created a far superior product to his first try. The aluminum pen feels solid in hand and makes for a comfortable writing experience. If you liked the look of his last project, definitely check out this refined version that I feel is much, much better. Thanks to Grant for sending over a pen to review. There are only a few days left in the Kickstarter, so head over now to pledge!

Disclaimer: I was given this prototype free of charge and receive no compensation for my review. All opinions are my own.

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